Page 40 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 6 • February 2017
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Because Libra is a Cardinal sign, they believe they are being proactive, taking action with foresight to neutralize potential obstacles before they become a problem. When faced with con ict, however, Brown may capitulate, denying her own needs and deferring to her partner.  is maintains the surface appearance of balance and harmony, which is what she thinks she needs to feel Safe, but because it violates her personal integrity, it does not actually contribute to her ongoing safety. Brown’s Moon has dignity only by Face, which means that Brown has an active fear of con ict and disagreement, making it more
challenging for her to stand up for herself in relationships.
One-to-one relationships play a signi cant role in Brown’s Safety Needs. First, planets in Libra seek expression through relationship, as they strive to create balance and harmony in connection with another individual. Additionally, because
Brown’s Moon is in her Seventh House, she speci cally looks for safety in her relationships.  is can be very challenging because we often “give away” planets in the Seventh House, projecting them on other people.  is suggests not only that Brown looks for safety in her Seventh House relationships, but also that she may expect her partner in relationship to provide that safety for her. Looking outside of ourselves to meet our Safety Needs is extremely problematic. It creates attachments, and keeps us trapped in the depths of
Victim Consciousness.
Because Brown’s Moon rules her Fifth House, she especially needs to
experience harmony, beauty, logic, fairness, and justice (Libra) in the a airs of the Fifth House, including her pursuit of fun and entertainment, her children, and her sex life. When she feels unsafe—for example, because people aren’t following the rules of the game, or her children are being emotional and misbehaving—she will look to her Seventh House partner to  x the problem.
Brown’s Moon is the almuten of her  ird House, so the same can be said about her need for peaceful, pleasant, and civilized interactions in her neighborhood, habits, and daily routine. When she feels unsafe in these areas, she will notice it  rst as a problem in her Seventh House marriage, partnerships, or other one-to-one relationships, and then will look to her partner to  x the problem and make her feel Safe again.
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