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Perfect Gift for Your Romantic Partner
The Valentine’s Day gift must convey the depths of your feeling, the breadth of your passion, the strength of your commitment, and, if the  orists and jewelers have their way, the majority of your paycheck. But a little insight into the validation language your partner speaks (and the validation language you speak) can dramatically improve your romantic relationship.
Not every relationship has a happy ending. Simpson and Brown’s relationship was analyzed in detail during both the criminal and the civil trial. Here, we explore their relationship from an astrological perspective. Part 1 looks at O.J. Simpson’s relationship patterns and needs. Part 2 describes Nicole Brown Simpson’s relationship patterns and needs. And Part 3 explores the dynamics of the relationship by considering the elemental compatibility, inter-personal connections and karmic connections between Simpson’s and Brown’s natal charts.
How to Say “I Love You” With Lumber: An Astrological Guide to Finding the
O.J. Simpson & Nicole
Talented Astrologer
Brown Simpson: A Relationship Analysis

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