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Part 2: Relationship Analysis of Nicole Brown Simpson
Born on May 19, 1959 at 2:00 a.m. in Frankfurt, Germany to a German mother and an American Father, Nicole Brown Simpson grew up in Southern California. She met her future husband, O.J. Simpson when she was 18 years old, while working as a waitress at a private club.  ey began dating, even though Simpson
was still married at the time. He soon divorced his  rst wife, and he and Brown married in 1985.
By all accounts, the marriage was di cult. It lasted only seven years, and included accusations of spousal abuse.
 ey attempted to reconcile beginning in 1993, but their fundamental con icts remained, and the emotional turmoil of the reconciliation is thought to have contributed to the tragic ending of their story.
Nicole Brown Simpson Safety Needs
Brown’s Moon is in Libra in the Seventh House. Her Moon rules her Fifth House, and is the almuten
of her  ird House. With the Moon in Libra, Brown has an Air Safety Checklist. She needs social interaction and intellectual
stimulation to feel Safe, and her level of safety is based on how well she understands a particular situation.
Brown will be mainly concerned with appearances, because planets in Air signs become more super cial, and rarely look beneath the surface. She
will not be very comfortable with emotions, particularly emotions that are deep, disruptive, or disturbing; she prefers everything to be pleasant, charming, and harmonious.
In general, individuals with the Moon in Libra  nd con ict and confrontation to be very uncomfortable.  ey employ charm,
diplomacy, tact, and negotiation skills to minimize any bumps in the road.
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