Page 38 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 6 • February 2017
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expect these partners to hold him accountable for all of his boundary violations and ego transgressions, and ultimately to punish him, so he can alleviate his guilt. Since this is entirely unconscious, Simpson may act out in his marriage, constantly pushing his partner to the breaking point, so she will  nally snap and punish him. It’s signi cant that one way of viewing the ruler of the Seventh House in the Twelfth
House is that Simpson turns his marriage partner into a hidden enemy (Twelfth House).
to each other, and Jupiter has 4 votes (Exaltation) on Mercury’s Board of Directors. Simpson may become friends with his romantic partners, or he may negotiate “bene ts” with
some of his existing friendships.  ere’s little chance of moving from the Fifth House or Eleventh House into a Seventh House relationship, however. Mercury in Cancer and Saturn in Leo have no
Fifth House is square Saturn by sign, and they’re mutually applying to an actual square because Saturn is direct and Jupiter is retrograde. It’s highly unlikely that Simpson would consider making a casual romantic relationship something more serious.
 ere is a very interesting dynamic in this Marriage Blueprint. On the surface, it appears that his mother has the upper hand because Mars (father) is in the mother’s house (Tenth House). A closer look, however, reveals something far more sinister.
While there is no aspect between Mars and Venus, Mars has a total of 5 votes (Triplicity and Term)
on Venus’ Board of Directors, suggesting that Simpson expects to have signi cant in uence over his wife. Now the fact that the father is in the mother’s house takes on an invasive, controlling quality. To make matters worse, Venus, the mother, has dignity only by Face,
which means she is actively afraid. If Simpson creates relationships from this blueprint, those relationships will have severe
boundary violations built-in. Unfortunately, this supports the poor boundaries that are the
de ning quality of Simpson’s Safety and Validation Needs, so Simpson will feel very comfortable in these relationships.  ey’re apt to be very uncomfortable for his partner unless his partner has equally severe
boundary issues.
We’ve established how important
Simpson’s Eleventh House
friendships are: this is where he
expects to meet his Venus in
Cancer Validation Needs. Mercury
in Cancer both rules and occupies
Simpson’s Eleventh House. It’s
clear how important nurturing,
emotional, compassionate (Cancer)
communication (Mercury) is in
these relationships. Mercury also
rules Simpson’s Second House of
money and resources, and because
Mercury is in his Eleventh House, When considering Simpson’s
this suggests that Simpson views his friends as valuable resources.
 ere are strong connections between Simpson’s Fifth House and Eleventh Houses. Jupiter and Mercury are in a wide applying trine
Marriage Blueprint, Mars in Gemini in the Tenth House represents his father (ruler of the Fourth House), while Venus in Cancer in the Eleventh House represents his mother (ruler of the Tenth House).
38 Talented Astrologer
connection, and because they’re one sign apart, they don’t even “see” each other, so the idea of marrying a friend (or staying friends with an ex-spouse) would never occur to Simpson. Jupiter, the ruler of the
O.J. Simpson’s Marriage Blueprint

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