Page 37 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 6 • February 2017
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with regards to his Validation Needs, as Venus in Cancer opposes Capricorn.
With regards to his Fifth House romantic relationships, we again look to Jupiter in Scorpio in the  ird House. Jupiter rules both the Fifth House of sex and the Eighth House of debt, which suggests a possible  nancial
aspect to Simpson’s casual romantic a airs. His Jupiter in Scorpio may not be above using money and shared resources as a way to forge or maintain emotional connections, so it’s possible that he may be willing to max out his credit cards to impress and seduce a potential lover.  at Jupiter is in his  ird House suggests that he  nds his romantic partners in his familiar environment,
and encounters them as a part of his daily routines. It’s signi cant that we’ve also seen how important it is for Simpson to experience Validation (love and appreciation) in his  ird House a airs, and evidently, one way that he may accomplish this is through sex.
Simpson’s Seventh House marriage partners are quite a di erent story, however. Saturn in Leo in the Twelfth House rules his marriage, and this is challenging to say the least. We’ve already noted that Saturn in Leo is in Detriment and in Face (worry and fear), and because it’s in his Twelfth House, Simpson is not conscious of Saturn’s in uence. Simpson will unconsciously project his Saturn issues on his Seventh House partners. He will
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