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he speaks the same fundamental language to meet both his Safety and his Validation Needs. Unfortunately, this also reinforces the biggest challenges Simpson faces with regards to meeting either need, on his own, or in relationship.
Everything boils down to the question of boundaries. If Simpson learns how to create and maintain healthy emotional and energetic boundaries, he will have a relatively easy time meeting both his Safety and his Validation Needs, with the added bene t that he will experience far less unconscious guilt, and far less self-sabotage (because maintaining appropriate boundaries requires that he move into Right Relationship with Saturn).
di culties. He will become attached to inappropriate, even co-dependent emotional connections to other people, and need constant reassurance and validation. His need for approval will drive his professional and public pursuit of fame, which, because Uranus is in his Tenth House, will only provide a temporary solution, as unexpected crises and disruptions will wipe out any emotional gains he has made.  e less safe he feels, the more he’s apt to take irrational, random, ill-considered, and very public action (Mars in Gemini in the Tenth House). All of this is fueled by a constant and mounting reserve of unconscious guilt, shame, and self-judgment (Saturn in Leo in the Twelfth House) that will repeatedly erupt in acts of self-sabotage, so Simpson can
feel that he’s being appropriately punished for his transgressions.
O.J. Simpson’s Relationship Wants
Simpson has  ve personal planets in Water. He has one each in Fire and Air, and no planets in Earth. He may be attracted to the intelligence and objectivity of the Air signs; and not only will he  nd the stability and practicality of the Earth signs attractive, but he desperately needs these qualities in his life.
However, he must experience an emotional connection with his partner.  e
in uence of the  ve water planets, which include his Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter, is simply too strong.
“Without good boundaries, however, Simpson will experience any number
of challenges and difficulties. He will become attached to inappropriate, even co-dependent emotional connections
to other people, and need constant reassurance and validation.”
Simpson’s Descendant is in Aquarius, and this, combined with the relative lack of planets in Air in his chart, suggests he
will  nd these partners to be especially attractive.  ese partners have no chance of meeting any of Simpson’s needs, however.
His Vertex is in Capricorn, so he has an unconscious attraction to practical, grounded, responsible Capricorn partners, an attraction bolstered by his lack of planets in Earth.  ese partners
Without good boundaries, will have a much better chance at meeting Simpson’s relationship needs. however, Simpson will experience Capricorn partners will provide much-needed support and boundaries for any number of challenges and his Moon in Pisces Safety Needs; however, they may present a challenge
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