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from his Eleventh House relationships, which include his peers, his friends, and his teammates.
On his own, Simpson seeks to meet his own validation needs by pursuing his Eleventh House dreams and ambitions, although these will tend to involve his Tenth House career and public image, and his  ird House neighborhood and familiar environment. One way this could play out is that Simpson dreams (Eleventh House) of fame and public recognition (Tenth House) to the point that everyone he encounters in his neighborhood ( ird House) will love and appreciate him. Of course, this might not work out well for him, since his Saturn in Leo in the Twelfth House has some very strong judgments about unearned attention. Unless he becomes aware of these unconscious judgments and addresses them, the more famous he becomes, the more guilty he may feel about it.
Board of Directors for Venus
Simpson’s Moon in Pisces rules his Venus in Cancer. As we noted earlier, this cements the attachment between his Safety and Validation Need accounts. He must feel safe to feel validated, but he also must feel validated to
feel safe. Safety Needs will always take precedence over Validation Needs, however, and because every deposit in his Validation Need Account is immediately transferred to his Safety Need Account, he may not be able to feel
truly loved or validated for any length of time.
Jupiter in Scorpio in the  ird House has 4 votes on Venus’ Board of directors for Exaltation, and once
again, this reinforces the connection between his Safety and Validation Needs. When he expresses his Jupiter in Scorpio, it meets both his Safety and his Validation Needs.
Mars in Gemini also shows up on Venus’ Board of Directors, with a total of 5 votes for Triplicity (3) and
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