Page 33 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 6 • February 2017
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PlutointheTwelfthHousealsoformsasesquiquadratetohisMoon(because Simpson’s Saturn is conjunct his Pluto).  is not only reinforces the Saturn-Moon challenges,butmakesSimpson’s“innerparent”(Saturn)morepowerful—and because it’s so unconscious, also more destructive.
Uranus in the Tenth House squares Simpson’s Moon, and represents a far more signi cant challenge to his Safety Needs. Uranus suggests issues with rejection, abandonment, and unreliability.  ese come from his Tenth House, so sudden changes in his reputation, career, and public image will pose serious threats to Simpson’s safety. Since the Tenth House also represents the mother, the origin of these patterns may be experiences of rejection or unreliability in his childhood.
O.J. Simpson Validation Needs
We’ve already looked (brie y) at Simpson’s Venus in Cancer in the Eleventh House, because his Venus has signi cant in uence on his Moon’s Board of Directors. With Venus in Cancer, Simpson also has a Water Validation
Checklist, so he needs emotional connections to feel loved and appreciated.
Speci cally, Simpson associates nurturing, protective, supportive emotional bonds with being loved and appreciated; however, these can also become mothering, dependent, and clinging, especially given Simpson’s di culty with maintaining (or even recognizing) appropriate emotional, energetic, and inter-personal boundaries (because of his Moon in Pisces).
As noted earlier, Simpson wants to be validated for his  ird House environment and communication, andhisTenthHousecareer,reputation, public image, and accomplishments. He seeks validation and appreciation
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