Page 32 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 6 • February 2017
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Mars is in Gemini, the fastest sign, so when Simpson feels unsafe, he
will take rapid, excitable, unfocused, and inconsiderate (Gemini) action.
Because Mars occupies the Tenth House, that action will always be public.  e areas of greatest concern for Simpson are the houses that Mars rules. Whenever there is con ict or a lack of safety in his home, family, or private life (Fourth House), his beliefs, philosophies, or legal pursuits (Ninth House), or his debts and shared resources (Eighth House), he will act out publicly. For example, instead of addressing the issue directly, he might post to Facebook and Twitter, complaining about the  ght he had with his business manager.
integrity, the Mars trine Neptune aspect suggests tremendous creativity when he acts, a potential he relied on heavily during his professional football career.
Aspects to O.J. Simpson’s Moon
Saturn in Leo in the Twelfth House forms a sesquiquadrate to Simpson’s Moon in Pisces in the Eighth House.  e sesquiquadrate is a minor stressful aspect that generally suggests that authority  gures, limitations, boundaries and responsibilities (Saturn) create irritation and annoyances that have an adverse e ect on Simpson’s ability to feel safe.  is particular aspect warrants closer inspection, however.
Saturn in Leo is in Detriment, so it’s inherently worried, and Simpson’s Saturn is also in Face, which adds an element of fear. Saturn in Leo judges, and seeks to limit and restrict self-importance and extravagance, and is generally judgmental and disapproving of any form of egotism or self-promotion. In Simpson’s case, he’s especially restrictive with regards to his job, health, and service (Saturn rules Sixth House), his marriage, partnerships, and one-to-one relationships (Saturn rules Seventh House), and his familiar environment, daily routine, and communication (Saturn almuten  ird House). But the real challenge with regards to Simpson’s Saturn is that it occupies his Twelfth House, so Simpson is
“Saturn in Leo in the Twelfth House makes it significantly more likely that Simpson will use the Twelfth House self- sabotage as a way to punish himself
in an effort to alleviate some of his unconscious guilt and misplaced sense of responsibility.”
almost entirely unconscious of it. Simpson experiences a constant undercurrent of unconscious guilt because on some level, he does not believe he deserves success or special attention (Leo), and also an unconscious fear of being punished.
 is has a constant, negative impact on the balance in his Safety Need account, because of the aspect between Saturn and his Moon. Furthermore, Saturn in Leo is apt to punish Simpson for overstepping
Simpson’s Mars is trine Neptune in his Second House, which only makes his actions even more unfocused, and prone to fantasy and delusions. Of course, when he operates from
his boundaries, which, of course, he does on a regular basis because of his Moon in Pisces. Saturn in Leo in the Twelfth House makes it signi cantly more likely that Simpson will use the Twelfth House self-sabotage as a way to punish himself in an e ort to alleviate some of his unconscious guilt and misplaced sense of responsibility.
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