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desiretooperateonahigh-vibrational, spiritual level, and can see the truth of Unity beneath the illusion of separation. At the same time, planets in Pisces must learn to navigate and master the world of form.
With the Moon in Pisces, Simpson will have a very poor sense of
emotional and energetic boundaries. He will be extremely sensitive to the feelings and emotions of other people,
and he will unconsciously take on their pain and negativity in an e ort to heal and transform it. Because this is largely unconscious, Simpson will  nd it di cult to distinguish between his own feelings and the feelings he has picked up from other people.
 e ability to heal with love and compassion is one of the gifts of the Moon in Pisces; however, individuals with the
Moon in Pisces must learn to become conscious of this gift, so they can control it.  e  rst, and most important lesson is to establish and maintain healthy, appropriate emotional and energetic boundaries.  is is particularly challenging because the fog of poor boundaries and the constant sensitivity to other people’s feelings and emotions is so familiar that to Simpson, it feels safe (even though it’s actually
quite unsafe). Healthy boundaries will initially feel threatening and unfamiliar, but they are essential. Healthy boundaries enable Simpson to di erentiate between his own feelings and the negativity he absorbs from other people, so he can then release the negativity without taking it inside himself.
 is is a particularly important lesson for Simpson, because his Moon rules his Twelfth House of sorrow, loss, hidden enemies, and self-sabotage. His poor boundaries and emotional sensitivity, as well as the resulting lack of safety, will cause signi cant challenges for him. Unfortunately the fog of the Moon in Pisces makes
it that much more challenging for himtomaketheconnection.
Because his Moon occupies the Eighth House, when he feels unsafe, he will look to his shared resources,
debts, and other people’s values and opinions to make up the de cit in his Safety Need Account. Considering that the cause of his lack of safety is that he’s too sensitive and involved in other people’s energy and feelings, this may not be the most e ective course of action. What Simpson needs is less involvement with other people (and other people’s business), not more.
Board of Directors for O.J. Simpson’s Moon in Pisces
Jupiter in Scorpio in the  ird House rules Simpson’s Moon, and Jupiter rules both the Fifth House and Eighth Houses. Jupiter in Scorpio, with 5 votes on the Moon’s Board of Directors, means that to feel safe, Simpson needs expansive (Jupiter) depth, passion, and intensity (Scorpio) in his emotional connections.  is suggests that the boundary violations Simpson experiences will be quite severe. He won’t be satis ed with a
vague impression of how other people are feeling, he will need a much deeper and more intimate connection. Because he unconsciously seeks such intense energetic connections with
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