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RWelationships & Astrology
hen considering relationship astrology, we must always remember that the relationship part matters far more than the astrology part.  e context of all relationship astrology is
human relationships.  e Cardinal Law of Relationship Astrology states that relationships occur between two individuals, not between two charts.
Human relationships aren’t that di cult to understand. All we need in any relationship is to feel safe and to feel validated (loved and appreciated).  e Moon tells what you need to feel safe, and Venus tells what you need to feel validated.
For a practical demonstration of this, read How to Say “I Love You” with Lumber on page 16. You’ll learn the underlying cause of communication problems in relationships, and discover the value of learning to speak a foreign language. Plus, you can use this article to  nd the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your partner based on his or her Venus sign.
 e main feature this month is O.J. Simpson & Nicole Brown Simpson: A Relationship Analysis, on page 28. It begins by exploring O.J. Simpson’s natal chart, identifying his Safety and Validation Needs, his relationship wants, and his marriage blueprint. Next, it does the same thing for Nicole Brown Simpson. Finally, it explores the dynamic of their relationship, considering connections between their natal charts and evaluating how easy (or di cult) it will be for them to meet each other’s Safety and Validation Needs in the relationship.
You may notice that there’s no composite chart for O.J. Simpson and Nicole Simpson included in the relationship analysis. Learn Why Composite Charts Are Not Practical on page 23.
Finally, read about The Political MacGuf n in the Consciousness department, and learn how you can make a di erence in the world during these turbulent times (and become a lot happier in the process).
Kevin B. Burk Publisher & Editor
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