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are sound.  ere’s a fundamental  aw in the theory of composite charts.
Midpoints between two charts are not valid midpoints.
In the context of a natal chart, a midpoint is a sensitive point half-way between two other points in the chart. In theory, when that sensitive point is activated by a transit, progression, or direction, it will simultaneously trigger both points. Midpoints in a natal chart have some practical value, especially when working with planetary pictures and the 90° dial. But midpoints in a natal chart work because they’re a part of a self- contained system, as it were.
 e composite chart is meant to be the chart of the relationship, but it’s not experienced by either person in the relationship. A trigger to a planet in a composite chart, which theoretically activates some part of the relationship, maynotbefeltbyeitherpersonintherelationshipbecause it may not trigger either of their natal charts.
 e Davidson Relationship chart is even less practical. Yes, it’s a real chart, but it’s not the chart of the relationship.  e actual chart of the relationship would be the event
chart of the  rst meeting.  at chart would be a valid chart of the relationship itself, but it’s not practical because few people know the exact date and time they  rst met.
As popular as composite charts are, they’re not practical tools for understanding relationships.
So, what matters in a relationship is the synastry—the aspects between the two natal charts?
Synastry does play a role in relationship astrology, but, like composite charts, it doesn’t do what most people think it does. Relationships occur between two
individuals not between two charts. Synastry can give you an idea of the dynamic of a relationship, but that information isn’t practical unless you can integrate it with how each individual will experience that dynamic.
Composite charts are just not practical tools for understanding relationships.
Human relationships are extremely complicated. Astrology can provide insight to understand and improve relationships, but only when the theory has a strong connection with the actual experience.
 e theory of a composite chart is that it symbolizes the relationship, but relationships don’t have an independent existence. Relationships are subjective, not objective. Triggers to the composite chart don’t necessarily a ect either person in the relationship.
You have to consider a relationship from the points of view of each of the individuals in the relationship. And you can’t see any of that from the composite chart.
You can discover what matters to a person in a relationship by interpreting the natal chart.
And you can learn to interpret a natal chart in  e Real Astrology Academy’s Online Natal Astrology Class. A portion of the class is devoted to relationship astrology.
You’ll learn to identify an individual’s relationship needs by exploring the Moon and Venus, and their relationship wants by considering the Descendant and the Vertex. You’ll also learn how to spot critical patterns that may create challenges in relationships, and learn how to overcome them. You can attend the  rst class for free by
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