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partner feel loved and appreciated. When it comes to actual gifts, Venus in Libra partners appreciate beauty, elegance, and re nement.
Venus in Scorpio
If your partner has Venus in Scorpio, you appreciate that still waters run deep. People with Venus in Scorpio often bristle at the concept of Valentine’s Day because it’s so public. Venus in Scorpio partners value privacy. Do not make the mistake of ignoring the holiday. You wouldn’t like your Venus in Scorpio partner when he or she is angry. Your approach to Valentine’s Day should focus on passion, intimacy, and deepening your emotional and spiritual connection with your partner. How you go about that is no one’s
business but your own.
Venus in Sagittarius
If you have the resources, your Venus in Sagittarius partner would love nothing more than being whisked o  to some exotic destination for an impromptu
Valentine’s Day celebration. But you can also enjoy a romantic adventure on a modest budget. Try something new with your partner, whether it’s skydiving, horseback riding, or just taking a chance on an unfamiliar restaurant.
Venus in Sagittarius individuals value shared experiences that broaden horizons. Step out of your comfort zones together.
Venus in Capricorn
Finding the perfect gift for a Venus in Capricorn partner can be a challenge. If you spend too little, you’re not serious about the relationship. If you spend too much, you’re irresponsible and frivolous. Each year, as the relationship matures, you will need to spend
a little bit more. It’s important that your Valentine’s Day gift include something that endures. Jewelry is often a good choice, as it has both sentimental and objective value. If your partner doesn’t wear jewelry (or jewelry isn’t
yet an appropriate gift), consider something practical, such as a picture frame that you can have engraved.
Venus in Aquarius
People with Venus in Aquarius enjoy socializing in groups.  ey might prefer hosting (or attending) a Valentine’s Day party to an intimate dinner for two. It may be unconventional, but so is your
Venus in Aquarius partner. One way to make someone with Venus in Aquarius feel loved and appreciated is to plan activities in advance. You could give your partner concert tickets to an event weeks or even months in the future, or, for more serious relationships, a surprise vacation set for later in the year.  is demonstrates your commitment, and shows that when you think of the future, you expect your Venus in Aquarius partner to
share it with you.
Venus in Pisces
Valentine’s Day is all about romance for people with Venus in Pisces. But romance means di erent things to di erent people. Your Venus in Pisces partner may swoon over the popular Valentine’s Day accessories, but he or she may also scorn them.  ey value emotional and spiritual intimacy most of all. You might revisit the co ee shop where you had your  rst date, or you could create a new memory you both will cherish — a picnic on the beach or a moonlight stroll. What matters most is the experience, not the gift, although a keepsake or souvenir is a lovely touch.
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