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like to do in the moment. Agree with whatever they suggest, even if you hate it. You don’t have to go along for the ride. What people with Venus in Aries appreciate the most is being able to do whatever they want. A partner is optional.
Venus in Taurus
People with Venus in Taurus value both the sensual and the practical. If your partner values the sensual, a luxurious spa weekend with couples massages may be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. If your partner
values the practical, you can still enjoy a spa together: just give your partner a gift certi cate to Home Depot and he or she will build one for you.
Venus in Gemini
 e perfect Valentine’s Day for someone with Venus in Gemini is carefree and playful. Avoid the sappy romantic cards and  nd something clever and funny. Keep your plans secret and set up a Valentine’s Day treasure hunt with clues that lead your partner to the big surprise at the end. But make sure to keep it fresh. If you’ve done it before, don’t do it again. When you have
Venus in Gemini, variety is what keeps romance alive.
Venus in Cancer
If your partner has Venus in Cancer, food will be an integral part of your Valentine’s Day plans.
Sharing a meal together creates a deep intimacy. Whether it’s a candle-lit dinner at a  ve-star restaurant or comfort food in your own kitchen, people with Venus in Cancer associate food with love and nurturing. If your partner enjoys cooking, it may be more important that you let him or her cook for you rather than you taking charge of the meal. You can do all of the dishes. No one enjoys that.
Venus in Leo
People with Venus in Leo have a lot of love to give, and the best way to be the recipient of that
love is to make them feel special throughout the day. Grand romantic gestures and public spectacle aren’t a requirement, but don’t rule them out, either. Arrange for a small gift to be delivered to your partner’s workplace so that all of his or her coworkers notice it, too, or perhaps just show up unannounced and take your partner to lunch. Go out somewhere fancy for dinner, where you both get to dress up and show o . And then let your partner show his or her appreciation.
Venus in Virgo
If you’re in a relationship with someone with Venus in Virgo, it’s really the thought that counts.
If you know what’s good for you, you’re already planning your gifts for next Valentine’s Day. Pay attention to the o -hand remarks your partner makes. Notice the items
he or she browses online or in catalogs.  e perfect gift for someone with Venus in Virgo shows that you’ve been paying attention. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but you may have to invest time and energy, and get a little creative. A small gift that celebrates a tiny detail will create great appreciation.
Venus in Libra
Being together matters most to a partner with Venus in Libra. It’s sometimes di cult to discern what your partner wants because much of the time, they want what you want. Appearances matter to people with Venus in Libra, so it’s important that you observe the typical Valentine’s Day rituals. Exchanging cards and
gifts, and going out for a romantic evening a rms your identity as a couple, which makes your Venus in Libra
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