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He truly wanted to show his love and appreciation for his wife, but he kept speaking his language, and she could only listen in hers, so she never got the message. Needless to say, the marriage did not last.
 e secret to buying a successful Valentine’s Day gift for your romantic partner is to shop in their language, not yours. If you speak di erent or incompatible languages to meet your Validation Needs, you may not enjoy the
gift-buying experience very much. Get over it.  is is about making your partner feel loved and appreciated.
Focus on what your partner would like to receive more than what you would like to give.  e more you meet your partner’s validation needs, the more your partner will want to meet yours.
 ere are four major validation need languages: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, and each language has three dialects (the individual signs in that element). Merely understanding the element of your partner’s Venus (and your own) can make for a much more enjoyable Valentine’s Day.
Venus in Fire Signs
 e Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. People with Venus in a Fire sign like doing things with their partners. Spontaneity is often a plus, and things like surprise romantic getaways — or even surprise candlelight dinners at home — are always appropriate. Partners with Venus in a Fire sign are drawn to grand romantic gestures, and often
respond well to the “traditional” expressions of romance.
Venus in Earth Signs
 e Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. People with Venus in an Earth sign express love and appreciation through the physical and material plane. As a rule, they don’t like surprises. Partners with Venus in an Earth sign always appreciate tangible expressions of a ection—in
other words, gifts. However, they especially appreciate gifts that will endure. Flowers don’t last, but jewelry does.
Venus in Air Signs
 e Air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. People with Venus in an Air sign have to hear the words. You must tell your partner how much you love and appreciate them.
You still have to buy your partner a gift for Valentine’s Day, but make sure you put some thought into it. Last- minute gifts, no matter how lavish or expensive, are rarely
appreciated by partners with Venus in an Air sign.
Venus in Water Signs
 e Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. People with Venus in a Water sign don’t care about words; they care about the feelings behind the words.  ese partners can be the most challenging to shop for because they don’t value material things. What they truly crave is your undivided attention and willingness to explore your deepest feelings. A private dinner for two at home with your phones turned o  will be more appreciated
than an evening out in a crowded restaurant.
Venus through the Signs: the Twelve Validation Languages
If you really want to  ne-tune your Valentine’s Day experience, here are some guidelines for partners with
Venus in each of the signs.
Venus in Aries
 e bene t of dating someone with Venus in Aries is that you don’t have to plan your Valentine’s Day in advance. People with Venus in Aries value being spontaneous and impulsive. Set aside some time to spend together, and then ask your partner what he or she would
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