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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and with it the annual panic that comes with having to  nd the perfect gift for your romantic partner. No other
gifts are quite so tricky. Birthday gifts and holiday gifts can be whimsical or practical, and sometimes even a card is su cient.  e Valentine’s Day gift, however, must convey the depths of your feeling, the breadth of your passion, the strength of your commitment, and, if the  orists and jewelers have their way, the majority of your paycheck.
 e Valentine’s Day gift, in short, must be the very embodiment of love and romance.
 echallengeisthatloveandromancedon’tmeanthesamethingtoeveryone.  e traditional Valentine’s Day gifts of  owers, candy, romantic dinners, and lingerie are not universal symbols of love and a ection. And the wrong gift can
create unexpected challenges in your romantic relationship.
Many years ago, a couple attended one of my weekend Relationship Workshops. At the time, they had been married about nine months. He thought that surprise was an important part of a successful marriage. He would come home and surprise his wife with a big bouquet of  owers, and she would
surprise him by getting so angry about the  owers that she nearly hit him over the head with a vase.
A Failure to Communicate
Human relationships aren’t really that complicated. All we need for a successful relationship is to feel
safe and validated (loved and appreciated).  is applies to every relationship, not just romantic relationships. What makes this challenging is that not everyone speaks the same language to meet his or her safety or validation needs.
 is is where astrology can help.  e sign of your Moon shows the language
you speak to meet your safety needs, and the sign of your Venus shows the language you speak to meet your
validation needs.
 e couple in my relationship
workshop couldn’t communicate because they spoke di erent languages.
His Venus was in a Fire sign, so he expressed a ection through grand romantic gestures and actions. His
wife’s Venus was in an Earth sign, so she got angry that he was wasting money on things that were going to be dead in a few days.
I asked her what kind of gift she would have preferred. She said she would have appreciated power tools from Home Depot: things they
could have used to make home improvements. With Venus in an Earth Sign, she valued things that were practical, useful, and lasting
Unfortunately, he was
never able to say, “I love you” with lumber.
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