Page 51 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 1 • September 2016
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And it’s in the Seventh House, which belongs to Clinton. It’s almost like Trump is handing her the win.
In Clinton’s chart, Mars (Clinton) and Saturn (the prize) are both in the Eighth House, and even though they’re in di erent signs, they’re moving towards each other. Eventually, they’ll meet. Clinton really wants the prize, and she’s willing to  ght for it.
Trump’s campaign appears to be over, while Clinton’s is just getting started.
 e di erence between the Moon in the two charts is very signi cant.  e Moon in Trump’s chart is void of course, so literally nothing else happens with his campaign. Remember, Trump has no power to change
that. And he has little interest in continuing.
 e Moon in Clinton’s chart shows initial success as it applies to a sextile to the Sun. It makes seven more aspects before going void of course, but it ends on another positive note. It’s going to be a long, eventful campaign for Clinton, but she will probably be pleased with the outcome.
At least initially.
When you add up all of the factors, the odds favor Clinton.
It’s going to be a very close race. I expect much nail-biting and hand-wringing along the way. But I’m calling it for Clinton because she really wants to win, and Trump has never had any interest in becoming president.  e big
win for Trump was getting the nomination.
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