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the ruler of the Part of Fortune is Mercury in Leo in the Fifth House, so even that money is tied to
Wall Street investors who hope to in uence policy.
 is in no way re ects on Clinton personally. Big money political donors assume their contributions will in uence policy. Whether Clinton is prepared to deliver on that implied arrangement is beyond the scope of this chart. But this  nancial picture suggests that Clinton’s donor base will receive close scrutiny, and she may have to pander and curry favor to receive patronage to support her campaign.
Finally, let’s look to the Moon to see what the outcome will be.
Everything we’ve covered so far has described the context of the campaign, but the Moon determines the outcome. When considering horary, electional, or event charts, we have to pay close attention to the sequence of aspects the Moon will make before it leaves the sign it’s in.
In Clinton’s nomination chart, the Moon is just separating from a sextile with the Ascendant and conjunctiontothePartofFortune, and is applying to a sextile with the Sun.  ese are extremely
supportive aspects, suggesting a positive outcome for Clinton.
Next, the Moon forms an opposition to Saturn, the prize.
When an opposition is involved in the outcome of a chart, Lee Lehman warns, “If you do it, you’ll regret it.”
 e Moon then forms a square to Neptune, a sextile to Venus, a square to Jupiter, a simultaneous square to Chiron and sextile to Uranus, and  nally goes void of course with a
sextile to Mercury.
 e number of aspects suggest that
Clinton’s campaign is just getting started. She can expect a lot of ups and downs, and she will have to address the Twelfth House scandals more than once. But the  nal outcome, as seen by the last aspect the Moon makes before changing signs (Moon sextile Mercury), is positive.
By contrast, the Moon in Trump’s chart is void of course, so nothing else happens in his campaign.
Clinton’s campaign clearly has the best chart. Does that mean she’ll win?
Not necessarily.  ere’s no de nitive way for astrology to predict the outcomeoftheelection.Butgiven
what we can tell about the campaigns, we can adjust the odds.
First, let’s compare the candidates.
In both charts, Clinton is far more powerful than Trump. In her own chart, Clinton is Mars in Scorpio with a power score of +8, while in his chart, Trump is Jupiter in Virgo with a power score of -10.
Within each nomination chart, the planet that represents Clinton is much stronger than the planet that represents Trump.
In this context, power represents the ability to in uence the outcome. Clinton has plenty of power. She can make things happen in her campaign and she can  ght for what she wants. Trump has no power at all. For Trump, the die has been cast and all he can do is wait for events to play out. External factors can still in uence events, but nothing
Trump does personally between now and the election will alter the outcome of his campaign.
Next, let’s see where the candidates are in relation to the prize.
In Trump’s chart, Jupiter in Virgo represents both Trump and the Presidency. In a real sense, he already has the prize—and he doesn’t want it. Jupiter in Virgo is in awful condition, so the prize isn’t worth it.
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