Page 48 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 1 • September 2016
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Hillary Clinton of cially accepts the Democratic Presidential Nomination
her blind spot. Everyone can see it clearly but her. What’s working against her is the
wounded energy of Chiron, the drain of the South Node, and the deception, illusion, corrosion and corruption of Neptune.
Especially when it comes to Neptune, facts don’t matter; it’s all about perception. Clinton’s hidden enemies will
continue to paint the most un attering picture possible. And given that the Twelfth
is at 6°27 Aries and the Sun is at 6°25 Leo.  at’s a 2 minute orb.
I can’t believe that’s a coincidence. Adjusting a chart so that the Sun has a close, harmonious connection to an angle is one of the tricks used by astrologers when electing a chart for an optimal outcome.
As good as this chart is, it still has some challenges.
Mars occupies the Eighth House, which is not considered a positive or supportive placement. Planets in the Eighth House have trouble being seen; they receive a prominence score of -4. Clinton also has some potential upsets and
surprises in store because Uranus is in the First House.  e good news for Clinton is that unlike Trump, she doesn’t have to deal with three male c in uences in her
First House: Neptune, the South Node, and Chiron.  e bad news is that they’re in her Twelfth House.
 e Twelfth House governs hidden enemies, sorrows, adversity, and self-sabotage. It’s Clinton’s shadow — and
House also relates to imprisonment, we can expect more calls for criminal investigations and indictments. None of these placements connect back to Mars (Clinton in the chart), so it’s unlikely that anything will stick. But Clinton will continue to have to defend her reputation throughout the campaign because the Twelfth House smear will never go away entirely.
Libra is on the Descendant, so Venus, the ruler of Libra represents her opponent, Donald Trump.
In this chart, Venus is in Leo in the Fifth House. Venus has no Essential Dignity and receives a power score of -5, compared to Mars’ power score of +8 for Rulership and
Triplicity. From Clinton’s perspective Trump is hardly a worthy opponent. She’s the heavyweight champ and he’s the water boy.
Venus is applying to a square to Mars, so Trump may be the aggressor coming after Clinton more than she goes after him. It would be a mistake to dismiss Trump because
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