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of course, completing its  nal aspect, a square to Mars in Scorpio.
Astrologically, this may be the last straw for Trump. His acceptance speech was the beginning and the end of his campaign.  ere are no new events and nothing will come out of the campaign. And Trump’s lack of
power (Jupiter being peregrine and in Detriment) means he can’t do anything to in uence or alter the course of things. All he can do is play the hand he’s got, and hope that his opponent has worse cards than he does.
But let’s take a moment and
acknowledge his acceptance speech.
Trump’s speech perfectly embodied the moment, bringing to life the energy of the Moon in Aquarius in the Twelfth House exactly square Mars in Scorpio in the Ninth House. Trump played up the idea of hidden enemies and unconscious fears, and continued to tap into the deepest Twelfth House shadows of the population. He emphasized the Aquarian idea of freedom — at least as it applies to the members of a particular group.  e enemies, of course are Ninth House foreigners and immigrants, who pose a Mars in Scorpio dire and direct threat to our very existence. And given that it’s a  xed square, his solution is to build a wall, strengthen our borders and boundaries, and prepare for a siege.
Here’s what we’ve learned from Trump’s nomination chart.
Trump as a candidate (Jupiter in Virgo) is both powerless (peregrine) and damaged (Detriment). He’s further weakened by the presence of Neptune, the South Node,
and Chiron in the First House. His weaknesses are
prominent because Jupiter is in the Seventh House, and since the Seventh House represents Trump’s opponent, his opponent will have an easy time exploiting those
Trump’s opponent (Mercury in Leo) is also powerless
(peregrine) but she’s less damaged than Trump. She’s potentially destructive because Mercury is conjunct the  xed star Dubhe. Because Mercury lacks so much prominence from being Under the Sun’s Beams (less than 17° from the Sun) and in the Sixth House, Trump doesn’t see her.  is gives her a tactical advantage because every attack will be a surprise.
 e prize, the Presidency, is a poison pill. It’s also represented by Jupiter in Virgo, and given that it’s in the Seventh House, from Trump’s point of view, it belongs to his opponent.
And most importantly, the Moon is void of course, so nothing else happens with Trump’s campaign.  e high point of the campaign was his acceptance speech, and it’s all downhill from here.
But this doesn’t mean that Trump will
lose the election.
 is chart describes Trump’s campaign in the general election from Trump’s perspective. It does not describe the outcome of the election.
Objectively, this is a lousy chart for Trump. But it still has to be considered in context. In poker, a pair of twos still beats Ace high. When Trump became the
Republican candidate, Hillary Clinton, the presumptive
Democratic candidate, had yet to accept the nomination. With the conventions only a week apart, everyone expected Clinton’s chart to contain many of the same
challenges as Trump’s chart. Only it doesn’t.
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