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But to judge the outcome of the chart, you have to consider all of the factors.  e prize is badly damaged (Detriment), and lacks power (peregrine). It would be an empty win for Trump. More importantly, the prize is
located in the Seventh House of his opponent.
At best, this suggests that Trump is con icted about winning. But I think it can also be viewed in a di erent
context. Trump won the only prize he sought: the nomination. Trump wants the celebrity without any of the responsibility.
And then there’s the question of money.
Running a campaign in the general election takes lots of money, and Trump can’t count on it being there when he needs it.
Oh, there’s lots of money on the table. With Aries on the cusp of the 2nd house, Mars in Scorpio, the ruler of Aries, represents the available resources to Trump’s campaign. Mars is powerfully digni ed with both
Rulership and Triplicity so there are some very deep pockets involved.  e problem is that those pockets are in the Ninth House. At best, they’re far away.
Getting the money from the Ninth House into Trump’s Second House campaign co ers won’t be easy. Uranus occupies the Second House suggesting chaos, disruptions, and  nancial upsets for Trump’s campaign.
But more importantly, Mars and Uranus are quincunx each other, suggesting
an even greater divide
between Trump and the  nancial support he needs for the campaign.
 e quincunx between Mars and Uranus is signi cant for Trump on a personal level because it’s one of the dominant themes in his 2016 solar return, which I explored in the Trump TV:  e Season Finale article. In the return chart, Mars quincunx Uranus suggests both personal and professional disaster for Trump because Uranus is on the Midheaven in his solar return.
But what really matters in an event chart is the Moon.
Everything we’ve covered so far has described the context, of the campaign, but the Moon determines the outcome. When considering horary, electional, or event charts, we have to pay close attention to the sequence of aspects the Moon will make before it leaves the sign it’s in.
In Trump’s nomination chart, the Moon doesn’t make any more aspects. Trump accepted the nomination literally minutes after the Moon in Aquarius went void
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