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Mercury occupies the Sixth House in the chart, and it’s just emerging from the Sun’s Beams (less than 17° from the Sun). Both of these are severe Accidental Debilities that have a negative e ect on prominence. Mercury has a prominence score of
-8, but keep in mind this is all from Trump’s point of view. Trump can’t see his opponent. Strategically, this is bad news for Trump. It means he won’t be able to respond e ectively to attacks or challenges during the campaign. Every attack will come
as a complete surprise.
 ere’s an interesting connection
between Mercury, which represents Trump’sopponentinhisnomination chart, and Hillary Clinton, who became the Democratic nominee
the following week.
Trump’s opponent is on the “Back of the Bear.”
In the nomination chart, Mercury is conjunct the  xed star Dubhe. Dubhe forms the back of the Great Bear in the Ursa Major constellation, and it’s considered to be a violent, destructive in uence.
Oh—and Hillary Clinton has both natal Mars and natal Pluto conjunct Dubhe.
Trump’s opponent in the chart is conjuct the  xed star Dubhe.
 is seems to suggest that thisindetail,whilelookingatthe underestimating or dismissing his predictive triggers to Trump’s natal
44 Talented Astrologer
opponent, especially if it’s Hillary Clinton, would be a huge, and probably fatal mistake for Trump. It’s never a good idea to poke the bear. You could lose everything.
But losing is only a bad thing if the prize is worth having.
 e Midheaven of the chart is 14°38 Sagittarius, so Jupiter is also the prize.
From the moment he threw his hat in the ring, I’ve maintained that Donald Trump has no interest in becoming president. He only wanted to run for president. I explored
chart in my article, Trump TV:  e SeasonFinale,intheJune/July2016 issue of  e Mountain Astrologer.
 e nomination chart supports this theory.  e prize, being elected President, is a poison pill. Jupiter is in Detriment and peregrine. It’s applying to an opposition with Chiron and a quincunx to Uranus.
 ere’s nothing fun or entertaining about Jupiter in Virgo. Jupiter in Virgo is endless, expansive bureaucracy.
And here’s where things get tricky. Jupiter rules both Trump and the Presidency, and when considering
horary and event charts, that
belongsclearlyinthe“Yes”column. Trump is literally one with the prize.

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