Page 43 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 1 • September 2016
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Donald Trump Accepts the Republican Nomination
Event Chart July 21, 2016 10:19 P.M. EDT Cleveland, OH Koch Houses
opponent suggests Trump is exactly where his opponent
wants him to be.
 e chart also has three
male c in uences in the First House: Neptune, the South Node, and Chiron. Neptune
suggests deception, illusion, and fantasy, but especially in the First House, it also suggests dissolving and corroding of
Trump.  e South Node is a drain, and that drain is perhaps magni ed because it’s conjunct Neptune. Chiron represents a core wound.
 ings do not look good for Trump so far. Let’s see how he
views his opponent.
Virgo is on the Descendant, so Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, represents
Trump’s opponent.
In this chart, Mercury is in Leo in the Sixth House. Mercury in Leo also has no Essential Dignity, and receives a power score of -5 because it’s
peregrine. Trump’s opponent is
Chart 1: The Nomination Chart for Donald Trump
Accidental Dignity does not compensate for Essential Debility. On the contrary, it means that everyone will see how weak he is. And being in the house of his
damaged...but not nearly as badly damaged as Trump is. Jupiter is both peregrine and in Detriment. In context, Mercury is far more powerful
than Jupiter is.
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