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Before we consider the charts, let’s de ne what we’re looking at.
How to interpret a
nomination chart.
 e First House represents
the nominee. We’ll consider
the planet that rules the
First House and evaluate its
condition including both
Essential Dignity (power)
and Accidental Dignity
(prominence). We’ll also
consider any planets that
occupy the First House because they further describe the condition of the nominee.
 e Seventh House represents the opposing candidate, but here’s where things get a bit complicated.  e ruler of the Seventh House speci cally represents how the nominee perceives his or her opponent. We’ll consider the dignity and debility of this planet both independently, and in comparison with the dignity and debility of the ruler of the First House.
 e Tenth House is the prize. In this case, the Tenth House, and the ruler of the Tenth House is the
 e Second House relates to the nominee’s money
and resources available for the campaign.
 e Moon shows the action and events. Every
aspect the Moon makes before it changes signs is signi cant. And if the Moon doesn’t make any aspects before changing signs — if it’s void of course — that’s also signi cant. A void of course Moon suggests that nothing will come of the question.
42 Talented Astrologer
Donald Trump of cially accepts the Republican Presidential Nomination
First, we’ll consider the nomination chart for Donald Trump.
Donald Trump became the o cial Republican candidate in the 2016 presidential election on July 21, 2016 at 10:19 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, in Cleveland Ohio
(See Chart 1). Let’s take a closer look at the players.
The chart has 1°26 Pisces on the Ascendant, so Jupiter, the ruler of
Pisces, represents Trump.
Jupiter in the chart is in Virgo in the Seventh House. Jupiter is in Detriment and has no Essential Dignity, so it’s also peregrine. It gets a score of -10 for power,
which is about as weak as you can get. Trump is severely damaged. He has no control over the outcome of events.
All he can do is go along for the ride.
Of greater concern is that Trump is in the Seventh
House of his opponent.  e Seventh House is angular, and planets in the Seventh House receive a score of +4 for prominence.  is does not work in Trump’s favor.

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