Page 41 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 1 • September 2016
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Astrology can answer many questions, but astrology can’t answer every question. Astrology can only answer questions that are speci c,
precise, and have a limited set of possible answers. Astrologers started asking the question, “Who
will be the next President of the United States” more than a year before any candidates had o cially entered the race. Astrology doesn’t work
with hypotheticals. Until the candidates are o cial, it’s not a valid question.
To be sure, the question isn’t valid even after the
candidates are o cial.  ere’s no de nitive way for astrology to predict the winner of a presidential election.
However, there may be a way to
evaluate the odds.
 ere are only two viable political parties in the United States in the 2016 election, so the only candidates that matter are the Republican and Democratic nominees.
 e odds of a third party candidate winning the general election are too small to consider.
 e moment each candidate publicly accepted the nomination of his or her party represents the birth of the campaign in the general election.  e chart for that event should, in theory, provide insight into the outcome of the campaign.
The nomination charts are still subjective.
 e nomination charts show the outcome of the campaigns from the perspective of each candidate. A
successful outcome to the campaign would be to win the general election and be elected President of the United States.
Event chart interpretation uses the same rules and guidelines as horary interpretation.  e approach is quite di erent from how you interpret a natal chart. When interpreting an event chart, dignity and debility mean exactly that. Certain objective conditions must be met to get a “yes” answer or a desired outcome.
 e problem is that we’re still considering two independent charts. It’s quite possible for both charts to give the same answer—either indicating success or failure of the campaign.  ere’s no objective metric to judge the outcome and determine which candidate’s success is greater.
Even so, the event charts can provide a lot of information about the campaigns and the candidates.
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