Page 4 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 1 • September 2016
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I’m often asked, “How can you tell someone’s sexual orientation from the birth chart?” The short, and entirely accurate answer to this question is, “You can’t,” but this rarely satis es anyone. So here’s the long version of the answer.
Astrology can only answer precise, speci c, questions. “Who will be elected president?” doesn’t qualify as one.
The moment each candidate publicly accepted the nomination of his or her party represents the birth of the campaign in the general election. The chart for that event should provide insight into the outcome of the campaign. Here’s a look at the nomination charts of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
Sex in the Natal Chart: Where to Find It
For thousands of years, sex belonged in the Fifth House, and no one thought to question it. So how did sex become associated with the Eighth House? And does it belong there?
Five Reasons Your Birth
Chart Can’t Call You Gay
Talented Astrologer
Why Astrology Can’t Predict the Next President
Political Astrology: 2016 Presidential Race

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