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warfare model, rather than a First House–Fourth House castle besiegement model.
It’s an interesting idea. But it still won’t work.
There’s more than one race and more than one winner.
If there were only one choice on the ballot, it might be validtolookatthechartoftheelectiontodetermine
the winner. But we’re not just electing a new president
So let’s review the key points.
Astrology can’t answer every question.
 e question has to be speci c and there must be a  nite choice of
Predictive natal astrology that uses triggers to the natal chart to answer questions can only provide answers to subjective questions.
It does not answer questions about objective events.
You can see the outcome of an event by interpreting the chart of the event.
However, the event must have a clear beginning, and the chart is only good for the life of the event. If there’s a signi cant change in context, the original chart will no longer be valid.
The event must be discrete for the chart to be valid.
You could interpret the event chart of an election with only one race, but not the event chart of an election with multiple races and
multiple winners.
The big picture matters.
Someverytalentedastrologershaveweighed in on this election and provided accurate reporting on di erent parts of the elephant. Buttheelephant—andthequestion,“Who will be the next President of the United States?” is just too big to know.
in November. We’re electing congress, and on various state and local initiatives. And every one of these issues is tied to the event chart of when the polls open.
Yes, you could argue that the most important election is the presidential election, and that’s why most people come out to vote, but that doesn’t matter.  e chart isn’t even speci c enough to answer the question of which party will win the presidential election.
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