Page 36 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 1 • September 2016
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The potential candidates for the 2016 Presidential Election when some astrologers began to predict the outcome.
Whatever he may say in public, in private, he’s terri ed. Yes, a loss would be a blow to his ego, but in the long run, subjectively, Trump will pro t the most from not winning the election. An objective loss will be a subjective win for him.
You can’t answer these kinds of objective question by looking at natal charts. To answer objective questions, you need to consider an event chart. But it’s still not that simple.  e election is actually a series of events.
The  rst event is the moment a candidate declares his or her candidacy.
As J. Lee Lehman explored in her blog, the declaration charts, the charts of the moment each candidate entered the race, have a lot of practical value.  e charts describe the path to the convention, and how the campaign
will play out during the primaries.  e declaration charts provide insight into the campaign and the candidates, but they can’t tell you
“Good” and “bad” triggers to a natal chart are subjective.
When you work with predictive
natal astrology and look at triggers or
derivatives of a person’s birth chart,
you can forecast upcoming events
for that individual. You can identify Mountain Astrologer, I explored
the timing of events, and often the nature and quality of those events. But you can’t identify the speci cs of the event.
If you’re looking at triggers to a candidate’s natal chart around the time of the November election, all
you can tell is whether that person is going to be privately and subjectively happy with the outcome.  at’s not
the predictive natal astrology for Donald Trump covering the entire
election cycle. From the beginning, I suggest that Donald Trump has never wanted to be elected president; he only wanted to run for president.
36 Talented Astrologer
the same thing as knowing what the outcome will be.
An objective win for Trump would be a
subjective loss.
In the June/July 2016 issue of  e
the outcome of the general election. Running a country is an  eycan’teventellyoutheoutcome
incredibly di cult job.  e stress is unimaginable. Trump has no interest in taking on those responsibilities.
of the primary elections.
 e problem is that you’re
evaluating multiple charts. Each

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