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The second rule is that we’re looking for someone to complete us.
 e math of successful romantic relationships is one plus one equals three. Unfortunately, decades of Hollywood romantic comedies have created the unconscious belief that the math of romantic relationships is one-half plus one-half equals one. We’re told
that until we  nd our one true love, we’re incomplete. Our ideal romantic partners
will complete us.
 is builds on the fact
that each of us has the
perception that we lack
certain qualities.  ere are
twelve signs in astrology, but
only seven personal planets. Even
if you include the three outer planets,
it’s still not possible to have planets in every
sign in the natal chart. Everyone has all twelve
signs in his or her natal chart. However, we only experience the signs through the expression of the planets. If we don’t have a planet in a particular sign — or element — then we’re not going to be familiar with that energy or recognize it as a part of ourselves.
The elemental balance in the natal chart shows what we think we lack.
Each of the four elements represents a di erent realm of reality.  e element of Fire and the Fire signs (Aries,
Leo, and Sagittarius) represent the energy of life and spirit. Fire is active, expressive, energized, and dynamic.  e element of Earth and the Earth signs (Taurus,
Virgo, and Capricorn) represent substance and physical form. Earth is stable, sensual, grounded, and practical.
 e element of Air and the Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) represent the mental and spiritual realms.
Air is sociable, abstract, logical, and rational.
 e element of Water, and the Water signs (Cancer,
Scorpio, and Pisces) represent the emotional and spiritual plane. Water is intuitive, sensitive, spiritual,
and instinctive.
When you consider the elements
of the signs of the seven personal planets in the chart, look for any element where you have
either no planets or a single
planet in that element. You will perceive that you lack the qualities of this element. You
will value these qualities highly, and work hard to compensate and  nd them in yourself. And you will  nd these qualities
extremely attractive in other people.
It may seem that we’re mostly drawn to people who
are quite di erent than we are, but that’s only part of the picture.  e unfamiliar can be exciting and enticing, but we also need to see ourselves in our partners.  is is where the third astrological rule of attraction comes in.
The third rule is that we’re drawn to familiar dynamics.
Almost every book on astrological compatibility views  owing aspects between two charts, such as trines and sextiles, as the ideal con guration for a harmonious relationship.  is may be true for some people, but it’s not universally true. If you have nothing but easy aspects in your natal chart, then certainly, you would enjoy a relationship with a partner that consists of
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