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Sex! Politics! Astrology!
Now that I have your attention...
Welcome to the premiere issue of Talented Astrologer magazine. Technically, what you’re reading is called a  ip book. You can visit the links, watch embedded videos, search, bookmark, and most importantly, share it across social media.
Each month, Talented Astrologer will include columns and videos in regular departments, including How to Become a Talented Astrologer, Ask Kevin, Relationships, and Consciousness. Some articles will be culled from the archives of the Talented Astrologer Blog, and others will be brand new.
And that’s all in addition to the feature articles.
The features this month involve sex and politics.
On page 14, learn where to  nd sex in the natal chart. Traditionally, sex belongs in the Fifth House, but modern astrology associates it with the Eighth House. Read Sex in the Natal Chart: Where to Find It to learn how sex ended up in the Eighth House and if it should stay there.
Also in this issue, I tackle the question of whether you can tell someone’s sexual orientation from the birth chart.  e short answer is, “No.” For the long answer, read Five Reasons Your Birth Chart Can’t Call You Gay on page 20.
Politics can be fascinating, but I’m an astrologer, not a pundit. And while I enjoy astrological political debate as much as the next person on Facebook, we must have some ground rules, at least as far as astrology is concerned.
Discover Why Astrology Can’t Predict the Next President on page 34. Starting on page 40, I demonstrate what astrology can do in Political Astrology: 2016 Presidential Race. I interpret the nomination charts of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and evaluate their campaigns.
Kevin B. Burk Publisher & Editor
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