Page 29 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 1 • September 2016
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Ending a romantic relationship is never easy. When romantic love fades, we’re often faced with di cult questions such as, “Was it ever real?” “What went wrong?” and “What in the world did I ever see in that person in the  rst place?”
Most romantic entanglements begin with a spark of physical attraction, but that’s not enough to sustain a relationship beyond a few dates. Love really is blind.  e surface trappings may grab our interest in a potential partner, but what keeps our interest is less obvious. We feel drawn to our partners.  e attraction is palpable. And
yet it’s di cult to de ne.
Astrology can help with that. Your natal chart can help you to recognize the speci c
qualities that you look for in a romantic partner. All you need are three astrological rules of attraction.
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