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4 inherently biased and
 e world we live in is fundamentally homophobic. Yes, we’re experiencing unprecedented social change and acceptance, and that will make a di erence for the
young people growing up today. But as adults, we grew up with explicit and implicit homophobic messages that everyone — including gay individuals — has internalized to one degree or another.
The question is
I don’t believe this is conscious. I don’t assume astrologers who follow or suggest there is some kind of Uranus-related gay signature have any overt bias or prejudice. But I still question the context. I wonder what it is about that particular astrological signature that seems to capture and de ne the essence of homosexuality in the  rst place.
 ere’s one  nal reason your birth chart can’t predict your sexual orientation — and to me, it’s the most important one.
5 Astrology protects privacy.
Astrology can be a powerful predictive tool. At the
start of this article, I mentioned horary astrology. With horary astrology, you ask a question, and the chart of the moment when you asked the question contains the answer
to the question. But there’s a catch.
I bring this up to make it clear that I’m not accusing anyone of conscious, overt homophobia or bias. I’m merely pointing out that the bias exists, and it’s rarely, if ever, questioned.
In astrological terms, every “gay signature”
”Every ‘gay signature’ I’ve seen involves planets or aspects that are considered negative. Most of these theories involve Uranus in some
To get a valid and accurate answer to a horary question, you have to have standing to ask the question in the  rst place. If you don’t have a personal stake in the question, you’re not entitled to an answer—and you won’t get one. Often, the fact that you don’t have the right to ask the question in the  rst place will show up in the chart as one of the “strictures against judgment.”
I’ve seen involves either
planets or aspects that
are considered negative.
Most of these theories involve Uranus in some way, presumably because Uranus is associated with aberrant behavior.
orientation is none of your business.
way, presumably because aberrant behavior.”
 is applies to natal charts as well. Uranus is associated with  ere’s no way to determine a person’s sexual orientation by looking at the birth chart because that person’s sexual
Your birth chart respects your privacy, and will never kiss and tell.
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