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goes from 0 (exclusively heterosexual) to 6 (exclusively homosexual), and has gradations that include “incidental” and “more than incidental.”
When you ask if there’s a pattern in the birth chart that indicates a person is gay, what is it that you’re asking? Would that pattern only identify someone as a Kinsey 6 (exclusively homosexual)? Or would it extend to a Kinsey 3, which describes a person equally attracted to members of either gender?
It’s not possible to de ne the variable, so it’s not possible to prove the theory. And in science, if you can’t prove it objectively and logically, it’s not true.
But not only can’t you de ne the y variable of sexual orientation, you also can’t de ne the x variable of the astrological signature itself.
2  ere is no single planet, sign, house or aspect in charge of human sexuality. Sex is hard-wired into every cell of our bodies and every facet of our personalities. Every single personal planet in the chart is involved in your sex drive.  is is why sex, at least potentially, is one of the most important and
ful lling experiences we can have.
 is hasn’t stopped anyone from claiming there’s a sexual signature
in the chart. But to be able to test the theory, you have to be speci c and de ne the exact parameters of the signature. And every theory I’ve encountered about a “gay signature” has been too vague to verify.
You can’t just look for hard aspects from Uranus to the Moon (for example). You have to de ne the parameters. Which aspects are included? Which are
not? What’s the orb of the aspect?
 is is where most of the so-called proof o ered to support these pet
theories breaks down. If you say the aspect has to have less than a 3-degree orb, you can’t fudge it when you have a chart that should  t the pattern but the orb is too wide.
And there’s a bigger issue to consider. Any aspect present in your natal chart would also be present in the charts of everyone else born around the same time as you were. Approximateily 251 babies are born worldwide every minute. Some aspects are in orb for days at a time, so any “gay signature”
would be present in the chart of everyone in the world born on that day. Which brings up the next reason the theory doesn’t hold up.
You Can’t Isolate Sex in the Chart
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