Page 20 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 1 • September 2016
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20 Talented Astrologer
Astrology is an immensely powerful and versatile tool, but it has limits. It can answer many questions, but
it can’t answer every question. When working with horary astrology, the branch of predictive
astrology that speci cally answers questions,
there’s a list of “strictures against judgment.”  ese are warnings to the astrologer that if  ese warn the astrologer: If you attempt to
answer this question, you’ll regret it.
I don’t do a lot of horary astrology, but I do get asked a lot of questions that I know I’ll regret answering. One of the most frequent examples is some variation of, “How can
you tell someone’s sexual orientation from the birth chart?”  e short, and entirely accurate answer to this question is, “You can’t,” but this rarely satis es anyone. It especially doesn’t satisfy astrologers who have pet theories about the
“gay aspect” or “gay signature” in a chart.
I’ve learned the hard way that it’s pointless to engage in
these debates. But I’m still ignoring the “strictures against judgment” and answering the question again. Only this time, I’m giving the long answer.
My hope is that I can provide additional context and information that may shift some beliefs about what you can and can’t see in a natal chart. I’m doing my best not to piss anyone o . But I also realize that many of us have di culty distinguishing between “In light of this new information, you may choose to reconsider your position,” and “You, personally, are wrong, and therefore you are a complete idiot.”
Let’s begin by considering the nature of astrology itself.

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