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I could make an excellent, if hypothetical, case for this connection, but what would be the point? Metaphorically,de ningparameters for the kind of sex that belongs in the Eighth House would be engaging in the kind of sex that doesn’t require a partner (but often requires an internet connection). Sure, it’s fun, and everyone does it, but it doesn’t produce anything useful.
To understand why, we have to look at how (and when) we use houses in the  rst place.
How to Find the Right House for Sex (Or
Anything Else)
 e houses represent di erent areas of life. Grammatically, the houses are prepositions. But prepositions and prepositional phrases are part of the predicate of the sentence. Every sentence in the language of astrology must have a subject, and the subject of a sentence will always be a planet.
Whenyou’reaskingaquestionabout a speci c area of life (i.e., a house), the planet that will be the subject of the sentence is the planet that rules that house.
Once you know which house describes the question or the issue,
you’re o  and running.  e planet that rules the house becomes a proxy
“I can’t think of a single  e kind of sex you may scenario where the be having in the relationship
EighthHousewoulddoa doesn’tde netherelationship itself. My student brought better job of describing up observations about the
therelationshipthanthe powerdynamicindominant/ submissive relationships, and
Fifth or Seventh House would.”
while that certainly involves intense emotions and deep levels of trust, it doesn’t put that relationship in the Eighth
for the a airs of that house and the speci c question you’re asking.  e predicate of the sentence (the sign of the planet, the house occupied by the planet, the overall condition of the planet), gives you the answer to your question.
Finding the right house in the  rst place depends on the nature of the question.
Questions about sex—and there are many reasons that a client may have a question about sex—have to be judged based on the primary natureoftherelationship.Ifyou’re married, or living under the same roof as your sexual partner, it’s a Seventh House relationship, and
you would look to the ruler of the Seventh House. If you’re not married, and not living together, but you are having sex, then it’s a Fifth House relationship.
House, and it doesn’t mean the ruler of the Eighth House represents your partner. If the relationship really were de ned by the power dynamic—for example, a full time master-slave type relationship — that would belong in the Sixth House, not the Eighth
House, because the Sixth House explicitly governs relationships with servants. You could also make a case for the Sixth House being the house to use in a question involving (ahem)
“professional” sexual services.
 e theory of sex in the Eighth House is all well and good, but in practice, I can’t think of a single scenario where the Eighth House would do a better job of describing the relationship than the Fifth or
Seventh House would.
So, in conclusion, the next time I
teachaclassonthehouses,I’mgoing to need another joke.
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