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Alan Leo, the father of modern natal astrology (paternity test results pending).
I suspect, however, that it was the advent of so-called “modern” astrology in the 1960s and 1970s that cemented this idea in people’s minds.  e most insidious concept that emerged from this time period was presented by Zip Dobbins as the “Astrological Alphabet” where the meanings of the planets, signs, and houses are hopelessly, pointlessly, and clumsily merged into single entities.  is is partly responsible for the idea that the Fourth House is the mother (because in this system, the Fourth House means the same thing as Cancer, and who would ever associate the father with the Moon or Cancer?). I think it’s also responsible for deepening the association of sex with the Eighth House because it assumes that the Eighth House is the same thing as Scorpio, and Scorpio is the only sign in the zodiac that has anything to do with sex.
(Excuse me a moment. I’ve dripped some contempt on my keyboard, and I have to wipe it o  before it stains.) So that, in my opinion, is how sex became associated with the Eighth House. Apparently, I buy into those
connections on some level, because I made the joke that there are certain types of sex that would have more to do with the Eighth House than with the Fifth House.
writings about astrology, moving from what he called “event- oriented”astrologytoanastrology of character analysis.
And that’s how modern natal astrology was born.
What Does This Have to Do with Sex and the Eighth House?
First, let me be clear that we’re now in the land of speculation. But here are some of my thoughts about this.
I think the original impetus for putting sex in the Eighth House of death was Freud. Freud’s theories
were immensely popular at the time, and one of Freud’s biggest assertions was the connection between sex and death. I can’t think of any other reason why Leo would have dumped
sex in the Eighth House.
It’s worth noting that Leo didn’t
remove sex from the Fifth House, although he shifted the emphasis of the Fifth House to “matters of the heart” which encompassed the traditional areas of love a airs and children.
 e idea obviously took root, as Charles Carter elaborated on it in his books in the 1950s.
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