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and the Eighth House, but I found an even earlier reference, from Alan Leo’s  e Key to Your Own Nativity,  rst published in England in 1910. Here it is, in its entirety (from page
142 of a 1927 edition):
“ e Eighth House of each nativity governs legacies, and money coming from others, such as co-workers, partners, etc. It is also concerned with occult a airs, mysterious and secret undertakings; it indicates the sex tendencies.”
 at’s it. A total of  ve words, and so far, it’s the earliest example of anyone associating sex with the
Eighth House. It’s  tting that it was Alan Leo who started this whole
confusion, since Leo is the father of modern natal astrology.
But perhaps it would be more accurate to say that modern natal astrology is the bastard stepchild of Alan Leo, hastily conceived in a futile attempt to stay out of prison.
An Even Briefer History of Natal Astrology
 ere’s more to this story, of course, but here is the Cli  Notes version.
Astrology had been suppressed and disparaged for more than a century, until the  rst New Age hit England in the late 19th century.
Along with a renewed interest in spiritualism, theosophy, and the existence of fairies (remember, this was England), came a renewed fascination with astrology. Alan Leo
began selling astrology lessons and became quite well known.
 ere was one small catch. At the time, astrology was predictive, and fortune telling was illegal in England. When Leo was prosecuted for tra cking in illegal information, he proclaimed that he wasn’t teaching fortune telling; instead, he was teaching how to use astrology for personal development — you know, like that nice Viennese fellow, Freud has been touting for the past few years?
Leo was only able to evade the law for so long before he was arrested, and later convicted of fortune telling in 1917. But between his  rst arrest in 1914, and his death in 1917, shortly after the second trial, Leo had revised his extensive
The  rst time sex ended up in the Eighth House, from Alan Leo’s The Key to Your Own Nativity,  rst published in England in 1910.
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