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Iwas recently teaching the lesson in  e Real Astrology Academy’s Online Natal Astrology Class where I introduce the houses. When I got
to the Eighth House, I reminded my
students that the Fifth House is the
house of sex and love a airs, and commented that the only sex that
belongs in the Eighth House involves
an extensive leather wardrobe and safe words.
I’ve always liked that joke. But this time, one of
my students commented on it, and I realized that it’s
not, in fact, accurate. More importantly, it’s not practical. I realized that there is no situation where you would ever look to the Eighth House for information about a sexual relationship, no matter how adventurous or unconventional that relationship may be.
And the worst part was I realized I could no longer tell
di erent issues.  e  rst issue involves the questions of where you  nd sex in the natal chart, and how sex ended up in the Eighth House in the  rst place. But the second, and more important issue involves the questions of how, why, and when you would ever use that information.
A Brief History of Sex and Astrology
For thousands of years, sex belonged in the Fifth House, and no one thought to question it.  e Fifth House is the house of children, after all, and children are often the results of sex.  e Fifth House is the house of gambling and
risk, which, in the centuries before reliable birth control, further linked the topics of the Fifth House, because having sex was a risk that could result in children. In general, though,
the Fifth House is the house of fun—and let’s face it: if sex isn’t fun, you’re not doing it right. Finally, it made sense to put sex in the Fifth House because marriage belongs
in the Seventh House, and the idea that sex and marriage have anything to do with each other
is quite recent. (You don’t think any of those famous, epic love poems were written about the poet’s wife,
do you?)
And then, at some point in the
20th century, sex ended up in the Eighth House, along with death
and taxes. To understand why I can’t tell that joke anymore, we have to explore two
that joke.
So what happened?
I don’t think anyone can answer that question with any certainty. I have a theory, which I’ll share in a moment. What I can answer de nitively is when it happened.
J. Lee Lehman had cited references in some of Charles Carter’s books from the 1950s that begin to link sex
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