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problem directly. But if the manager lives in Hawaii, there’s not a lot he can do from there. He can order another Mai Tai, but that won’t  x your shower.
 e same applies to the planets and houses. When you experience a disruption in your Second House money, the planet that rules your Second House takes
action. But the action is limited by the house that planet occupies, and it may or may not address the problem.
On the other hand, a planet expressing in the Ninth House will always take action outside of your comfort zone.  e behavior will be new and unfamiliar. You won’t look for answers close to home.
And that’s just how the houses operate in natal astrology.
If you only know the houses from natal astrology, you don’t know the real houses of astrology.
If the ruler of your Second House is in your Seventh House of relationships, every time you bounce a check you may blame your spouse. If the ruler of your Second House is in your Tenth House, when you bounce a check you may resolve to get a promotion (and a raise) at work. But when a planet occupies a house, its behavior is not limited to the speci c a airs of that
house.  e real houses are more versatile than that.
The house a planet occupies can in uence the context of the behavior as well as the content.
 e Tenth House relates to your career and life path, but it’s also the most public house in the chart. When a planet takes action in the Tenth House the behavior won’t always involve your career, but it will always be public. Rather than addressing the problem, you may just complain about it on Facebook.
A planet expressing in the  ird House won’t always involve writing, communication, or your relationships with siblings or neighbors, but it will always take action in your familiar environment and habitual routine.
“But when a planet
occupies a house,
its behavior is
not limited to the
specific affairs of
that house. The real
 e houses become even more versatile when you work with Horary, Electional, and Mundane astrology.
You discover why an airplane belongs in the First House, but your car belongs to the  ird House.  ere’s a rich and nuanced versatility to the houses. After all, they encompass every possible experience in your life.
houses are more
versatile than that.” For now, just remember a few
important points about the houses.  e houses represent every aspect of life. However,
the houses can’t act on their own.  e planet that rules a house is not only responsible for the a airs of that house, it actually is the a airs of that house. When something disrupts the a airs of a house, the planet that rules the house takes action. And the house a planet occupies determines where, and to some extent, how a planet will express.
Just like Tom Hanks, there’s more to the real houses than meets the eye.
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