Page 11 - Talented Astrologer • Volume 1 Number 1 • September 2016
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Real Houses
Introducing the Real Houses Tby Kevin B. Burk
om Hanks is renowned for his versatility as an actor. To date, his movies have grossed more than $8.5 billion worldwide, making him the fourth highest- grossing actor in North America. But he didn’t start out that way.
For the  rst decade of his career, Tom Hanks was typecast as an a able romantic comedy lead. Audiences loved him in Splash, Big, and Sleepless in Seattle. But when he took on the role of a gay lawyer dying of AIDS in
Philadelphia, he forced the world to see him di erently. Hanks won an Oscar for his performance, which revitalized his career. He wasn’t just a movie star; he was
anactor. erewasmoretoTomHanksthanmettheeye. In astrology, there’s more to the houses than meets the eye. Most astrologers never realize the potential of
the houses or how versatile they are.
The houses are where your life happens.
Each of the twelve houses represents a di erent area of your life.  e Second House is your money.  e Seventh House is your relationships.  e Tenth House is your career.  e Twelfth House is your unconscious.
Without the houses, astrology couldn’t provide speci c, practical answers to your questions. And yet, many astrologers ignore the potential of the houses and focus on the obvious.
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