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Predictive Natal Astrology Class
Level 4: Education Component

The first question that draws most people to astrology is “What does astrology have to say about me?” But the second question is usually “What does astrology have to say about my future?”

Astrology, after all, is one of the oldest predictive tools. For thousands of years, astrology has foretold everything from the fate of the harvest to the fate of the king. Today astrology remains a powerful tool for insight into the future. However, predictive astrology doesn’t work quite the way most people think it does.

Broadly speaking, predictive astrology is concerned with understanding — and occasionally forecasting — events. Events can be objective (something happened) or subjective (something happened to me), and each type of event uses different predictive tools — and has different sets of expectations.

Certain branches of predictive astrology, such as horary and electional astrology, work with objective events. You have only a single chart to consider in your interpretation. For horary, it’s the chart of the moment the question was asked, and for electional, it’s a future chart that describes the specific outcome you would like to experience. You can evaluate these charts using an objective, two-dimensional approach, and come up with precise and specific answers to your question.

When you want to explore subjective events — what happened to me — this approach doesn’t work. You’re not analyzing a two-dimensional chart of a specific event; you’re analyzing how multiple factors affect a three-dimensional natal chart.

Predictive Natal Astrology

I’ve created a new category to describe astrology that explores subjective events from the perspective of the birth chart: Predictive Natal Astrology.

The foundation of Predictive Natal Astrology is the idea that the potential of your natal chart unfolds over the course of your lifetime. A transit, progression, or direction activates a planet or house in your chart for a period of time, and that part of your life takes center stage. What makes Predictive Natal Astrology so challenging is that you have to interpret every predictive trigger in the context of the natal chart. The Cardinal Rule of Predictive Natal Astrology states, “If it’s not in the natal chart, it won’t ever happen.”

Not everyone has the potential to be extremely rich. Not everyone has the ability to be famous. Your birth chart is a map that shows the options available to you in this lifetime, and not all paths are open to everyone. However, everyone has the ability to be truly happy.

Free will doesn’t let you change the content of your story. It gives you full control over the context. It’s not the events in your life that matter, it’s the meaning you give them. You don’t need fame, fortune, or success to be happy. Happiness comes from within you. Your birth chart is the map that shows you how to become truly happy, and predictive natal astrology can help you to navigate that map.

The Predictive Natal Astrology Class will launch in October 2021.

Relationship Interpretation Foundations Class
Level 3: Education Component

When you complete the Natal Interpretation Foundations Class and the Natal Interpretation Synthesis Class, you have the knowledge and the skill to create a synthesized interpretation of any natal chart. You know how to paint an astrological portrait of your subject, and capture a good likeness. In the Relationship Interpretation Foundations Class, you will refine your technique as you explore the hidden patterns and lessons in the natal chart.

The only thing you truly care about is happiness. Your birth chart is a map that can show you how to get from where you are now, to happy. Of course, the path to happiness is never a straight line. For most people, it’s more like a maze, filled with wrong turns and blind alleys.

Relationship Needs

Happiness is the ultimate goal, but in the short-term, you’re motivated to meet your core needs: Safety and Validation. You want things in life, because you believe when you get what you want, it will make a deposit in your Safety Need Bank Account or your Validation Need Bank Account, and when those accounts are full, you believe you’ll be happy.

The Moon tells you what you need to meet your Safety Needs, and Venus tells you what you need to meet your Validation Needs — but aspects to the Moon or Venus from Saturn and the Outer Planets, or conflicts between the planets on the Board of Directors of the Moon or Venus can create patterns that make it difficult to meet your Safety or Validation Needs and interfere with your happiness.

Patterns, Lessons, and Loopholes

Every pattern contains a lesson — an opportunity to expand your level of consciousness, connect with a higher level of truth, and experience greater happiness. In theory, the pain of the negative patterns will drive you to address the issues head-on, learn the lesson, advance in consciousness, and become happier. In practice, you look for a loophole, so you can escape the pain and avoid the process. Loopholes help you cope in the short term, but in the long term, they make everything worse.

In the Relationship Interpretation Foundations Class, you will deepen your chart analysis and interpretation skills as you identify and explore the patterns, lessons, and loopholes contained within the natal chart. Once you understand how these patterns operate for an individual, you’re ready to explore how they show up in relationship with another individual.

The dynamic of human relationships appears quite complicated, but in fact, all you need for a successful relationship is to feel Safe and Validated. Most difficulties in relationships arise because you expect your partner to meet your Safety and Validation Needs, and that’s not how it works. Other people can make deposits in your Safety and Validation Need Accounts, but it’s your responsibility to maintain the minimum required balance in these accounts on your own.

What You’ll Learn in the Relationship Interpretation Foundations Class

In this class, you will learn how to use astrology to analyze the dynamic of any relationship. You’ll identify the attraction and connection between the two individuals, as well as the most significant challenges they’re likely to face. You’ll evaluate how Safe and Validated each person is apt to feel in the relationship. And you’ll consider how one person’s patterns may trigger or aggravate the other person’s patterns.

The Relationship Interpretation Foundations Class will launch in June 2021.

Natal Interpretation Synthesis Class
Level 2: Education Component

The middle section of a client consultation is where you take a deeper dive and address a single area of concern for the client. This could include questions about relationships, career, money, identity, family, or even undesirable behavior patterns. Exploring these questions draws on Level 2 (Archetypal Astrology) interpretation skills. The Natal Interpretation Synthesis program gives you the tools and guidance to be able to answer any question a client asks.  

The Board of Directors

The Natal Interpretation Synthesis Class will teach you how to analyze the Board of Directors for each planet in the chart. You will learn how to identify the agenda of each board member — and evaluate how successful the planet may be in achieving that agenda. You will learn how to map out the relationships between the board members and identify alliances and conflicts that may influence how each board member votes. You will also learn how to interpret the relationship between the Board of Directors and the Top Level Planet.

Safety and Validation Needs

In every relationship we need two things: we need to feel safe and we need to feel validated (loved and appreciated). This applies to all human relationships, not only to romantic relationships. However, safety and validation don’t mean the same things to everyone. The sign of the Moon and Venus indicates the language you speak to meet your safety and validation needs. 

Identity Questions

There are three separate components of the identity: your authentic “Big S” Self (Sun), your “little s” self (Mars), and your avatar (the ruler of the 1st house). The challenge is to balance these three components while staying connected to the truth of your authentic “Big S” Self. Conflicts between these planets can represent complex patterns that can be explored in detail. 

Parental Issues

Your actual parents are not seen in the natal chart because they don’t live inside you. But your experience and expectations of your parents do live inside you. We internalize our parents, and this is what you can explore in the natal chart. The ruler of the 4th house represents your internalized experience of your father, and the ruler of the 10th house represents your internalized experience of your mother. Your actual experience of your parents is behavior and can’t be seen in the chart. But the influence of your parents on different areas of your life can be seen in the chart. 

Unconscious Programming

The planet that rules the 12th house is the vehicle of your adversity. It’s how you express your unconscious programming. However, it may not have anything to do with how you create or alter your unconscious programming. The Moon is your unconscious programming. The experiences, perceptions, and beliefs that come through the Moon (and all houses related to the moon) can write directly to your subconscious. These programs are then enacted by the planet that rules the 12th house (behaviors). 

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The Real Astrology Academy Membership
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Natal Interpretation Foundations Training
Level 1: Certified Training Program


The Natal Interpretation Foundations Class provides you with information and education so that you can build a solid foundation and complete a Personal Practical Astrology interpretation of any natal chart on your own. It includes all of the tools needed for you to do the work on your own to develop the skills so that you not only understand how to interpret a natal chart, but that you can actually interpret a chart on your own. 

Actually doing the work needed to develop these skills is difficult. And it’s even harder to do on your own.

If you’re serious about mastering natal chart interpretation skills and being able to use what you learn in the classes at The Real Astrology Academy, then you need the Natal Interpretation Foundations Training

The Natal Interpretation Foundations Training is Astrology Boot Camp

This program requires a lot of time and energy. It’s not a class. It is hard work. But what it’s really about is providing you with accountability, motivation, structure, and support so that you will develop the natal chart interpretation skills that you long for. 

You will need to spend at least an hour a day, five to six days a week to complete the assignments in this program. You will need to post written assignments every day in the forum, and you will need to read and comment on the assignments of your classmates, too. 

There is no shortcut to developing chart interpretation skills. Deep practice is tedious and challenging. But the Natal Interpretation Foundations Training is the shortest and most direct path to your goal. If you do the work, at the end of 12 weeks, you will be able to complete a Personal Practical Astrology interpretation of any natal chart on your own

The primary objective of the Natal Interpretation Foundations Training is to help you to complete your interpretation library.

The interpretation library is the single most important piece of your foundation. The process of assembling the library using the fill-in-the-blank templates creates the wiring in your brain so that you can fully understand how the puzzle pieces fit together. This is how you will reach the point where you can interpret any identity statement and create light bulb moments for your clients. 

Almost two thirds of the Natal Interpretation Foundations Training will be spent in daily interpretation drills, assembling all 336 individual pieces of your interpretation library. 

Once you have completed your interpretation library, you will use it to interpret three natal charts — including your own!

The final third of the training program will be spent working through the Natal Chart Interpretation Template and interpreting actual charts. You need a completed interpretation library for this because you will be copying portions from your library and pasting them in your Natal Chart Interpretation Template files. 

The good news is that you won’t have to rely on looking things up in your workbook. I will provide you with electronic templates, swipe files, and other tools that will make this process much easier. The Natal Chart Interpretation Workbook will still be your reference, but virtually everything you need to complete your notes will be provided so you can copy and paste, rather than type. 

And when you enroll in the Natal Interpretation Foundations Training you receive one-on-one master coaching from me, personally. 

I will read and comment on every one of your assignments, and I’m available to answer any questions you have during the program. But more than that, I’m personally committed to your success. 

As long as you keep showing up, I will do everything in my power to help you to succeed. 

This program is simple, but it’s not easy. You will struggle with it. You will encounter resistance. And you will probably feel like giving up at least once. 

My most important job is to help you get through that so you can finish the program. It’s my job to help you develop your skills, and it’s my job to help you to find confidence in your skills. 

I can’t do the work for you, but I will always meet you half-way. 

Registration for the Natal Interpretation Foundations Training has closed.

Registration for the next program will open in mid-November.