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Online Natal Astrology Class

You have never experienced an astrology class like this before. If you’re brand new to astrology, this class will teach you everything you need to develop the skills of a talented astrologer. However, this is not a “beginning” astrology class. You may already know the meanings of the planets, signs, houses, and aspects, but this class will transform how you understand and work with them.

You will learn how to explore the overall personality, and identify major patterns and issues. You will lean how to answer questions about relationships, money, and career. And if you do the homework, after 14 weeks, you won’t just know how to interpret a natal chart—you will be able to write a complete, detailed, synthesized interpretation of any natal chart on your own. And it’s all backed up with the Bulletproof Happiness Unconditional Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.  


Natal Interpretation Training Intensive

This class is the second component of the Talented Astrologer Certification Program. It's offered once a year, beginning in February. 

The Natal Interpretation Training Intensive provides the master coaching and support you need to do the work and develop the skills to interpret any natal chart on your own. 

You will begin working through the exercises in the Natal Chart Interpretation Workbook, and move on to creating sketch sentences from complete blueprint template sentences. Finally, you'll progress to building the main "chairs" of a natal chart: Personality, Safety Needs, Validation Needs, Relationship Wants, and Career. 

At the end of this 12-week training intensive, you will have written a total of four complete natal chart interpretations on your own. You will have developed solid, reliable natal chart interpretation skills, and you will be confident of your ability to interpret any natal chart. 


Online Relationship Astrology Class

This class is the third component of the Talented Astrologer Certification Program. It's offered once  a year, beginning in June. 

When you complete the Natal Interpretation Training Intesive, you will have the knowledge and the skill to paint an astrological portraite of your subject and capture a good likeness. In the Online Relationship Astrology Class, you will refine your technique and explore the hidden patterns, lessons, and loopholes contained in the natal chart. 

You will learn to use astrology to analyze the dynamic of any relationship. You will identify the attraction and connection between two individuals, and the most significant challenges they're likely to face. You'll evaluate how Safe and Validated each person is apt to feel in the relationship. And you'll consider how one person's patterns may trigger or aggravate the other person's patterns. 

This class combines live (or recorded) video class instruction with support, feedback, and coaching on your weekly written homework assignments, posted in The Real Astrology Academy Forums. 


Online Predictive Astrology Class

This class is the final component of the Talented Astrologer Certification Program. It's offered once a year, beginning in September.  

Broadly speaking, predictive astrology is concerned with understanding—and occasionally forecasting—events. Events can be objective (something happened) or subjective (something happened to me). This class will focus on Predictive Natal Astrology, which explores subjective events from the perspective of the birth chart. 

The potential of your natal chart unfolds over the course of your lifetime. What makes Predictive Natal Astrology so challenging is that you must interpret every predictive trigger in the context of the natal chart. 

The Online Predictive Astrology class combines weekly video classes with daily written interpretation assignments. You will work with new sets of blueprint sentences for transits, progressions, and directions, and follow a structured template for Classical Solar Return interpretations.


Dignity, Debility & The Board of Directors (Workshop)

Traditional astrology and classical techniques have become extremely popular in the past decade. If you’re like most astrologers, you’re drawn to these techniques because they seem to provide so much specific, practical information. For example, the Essential Dignities — the heart of Classical Astrology — promise to unlock the secrets of the chart, allowing you to answer detailed questions using only the planets, signs, houses, and major aspects. Unfortunately, almost all of the information available about the Essential Dignities is confusing — even more so when you include the Accidental Dignities and Debilities. But the real frustration is that even when you sort out the Dignity and Debility of a planet, you still don’t know how to use that information. But all that’s about to change.

This 4-week workshop will show you how to work with Dignity and Debility in the context of HoraryElectional, and Natal Astrology.


Fundamentals of Astrological & Spiritual Counseling (Workshop)

Are you inspired to work with clients? If you’re like most people, part of what draws you to astrology is the idea that you can use astrology to help other people.

You have lots of options when it comes to learning the tools and techniques of astrology. You probably have a library full of astrology books, and have attended classes, lectures, and workshops. But none of those resources prepare you to sit down with an actual client.

Clients don’t care about astrology. Clients care about happiness. No matter why a client thinks they’ve come to see you, the real reason is they’re unhappy, and they hope you can help them to become happier. But you can’t do that with astrology.

Most of what goes on during an astrology consultation isn’t astrology: it’s spiritual counseling. And the more you understand about spiritual counseling, the more effective you’ll be when you use astrology. 


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