Samantha Asks:

“I read with interest the questions and answers dealing with grand crosses both natally and by transit. With Saturn in Taurus and both Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius, I’m sure many of us with planets in fixed signs are experiencing these T-squares and grand crosses. How do the houses involved in these transits affect the aspects? For instance, I have a Sun Jupiter conjunction in my eighth house natally squaring a Saturn Pluto conjunction in my sixth house. The transiting plants in Taurus and Aquarius complete the grand cross. Since I have intercepted planets in my 1st and 7th houses, the houses experiencing the transits are the 3rd (Taurus) and the 12th (Aquarius). I know what each of the houses represents, but I’m having difficulty making the flow from aspect & planet to house placement.”

Amy Asks:

“My question today has to do with the “inter-connectedness” of astrology. I agree that no part in one’s chart can be interpreted in isolation—everything affects everything else. Yet, as I get further into the study of astrology, I am getting frustrated because it seems that this idea gets taken too far sometimes.”

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KC Asks:

“I understand that astrologers hate to use such words as “malefic” or “harsh” to describe certain planets or aspects. Nevertheless, many Chinese astrologers would still like to use such words for painful events like death in a family or divorce or separation. And I think, regardless of the value judgment implied in such words, they are still appropriate in describing the event per se. One may argue that much good will come out of bad things, or one can learn from painful experiences and such newly acquired experience will make one realize a higher purpose and thus can lead one to a spiritual journey. Still, pain is still pain, regardless of what consequences an event may bring. Take my example: by the end of this year, Pluto in transit will conjunct my natal moon, transit Neptune will conjunct my natal Saturn, transit Uranus will conjunct my natal Jupiter, and transit Saturn will conjunct my Natal Venus. I have been thinking about what good can possibly come from this configuration; maybe if I survive I will see a rainbow - but if I do it will probably be because of the endurance needed to overcome the pain of the aspects in the long term, not because of the aspects.”

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K. Asks:

“I am curious about transits. When looking at transits, are you trying to compare transiting planets aspecting natal planets, or transiting planets aspecting other transiting planets, or do you look at both? Could you also recommend a book on transits that is thorough and extensive. If a transiting planet were to aspect a planet that natally had a ‘special’ aspect (i.e., a Grand Trine), would the transit emulate the same type of tendencies as the natal aspects?”

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