Ti Asks:

“Where in the chart would I find aspects for divorce? Does Pluto in transit of the 8th house relate to this (i.e., alimony, other people’s money)?”

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Tracey Asks:

“What transits in a natal chart would indicate when marriage could happen? Are there certain aspects in a natal chart that would reveal whether or not a person will or will not marry? And also, in your opinion, what is the most reliable way to make predictions (transits, progressions, solar arc, solar return, etc.)? There are so many different prediction techniques that I am not sure which one to use.”

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Roslyn Asks:

“When Mercury goes retrograde, how does it affect a personal chart?”

Marij Asks:

“Can you tell me what I can expect when my Secondary Progressed Mercury turns retrograde? I don’t have any retrograde planets in my chart, and I have never had a progressed planet turn retrograde, so this will be a first.”

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Anne Asks:

“My grandson was born in November of 1995, having his Sun and Pluto (among others) conjunct. Pluto is presently transiting these planets. How does this affect a child of two? Are there great changes in his life? I am concerned for him.”

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Lea Asks:

“Pluto just recently entered my 7th house, so what should I expect? Will I be meeting new people in whose chart Pluto has just entered the 1st house? Or maybe people with a natal stellium in Scorpio? Will I experience profound changes in my attitude to other people, or in my marriage? Or maybe something totally different?”

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Judie Asks:

“Pluto is going to be in conjunction or a close orb to my Sun for the next few years. How can I make the best use of this energy?”

Abraham Asks:

“I am 33 years old, and the next year, I will have a transit of Pluto over my Ascendant in Sagittarius. Could you explain to me the effects of this transit?”

Emma Asks:

“When Transiting Pluto squares or opposes one’s Natal Venus or Mars, does it mean one might experience an extramarital affair or betrayal from or to their partners in the relationship?”

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Rita Asks:

“What exactly is the ‘Uranus Return’ at age 42? I will be 42 next month and am wondering what profound things are supposed to happen in my life?”

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Paola Asks:

“Could you please clarify the meaning of Uranus in the 7th house in a Natal Chart and its meaning in a Solar Return? I have read some interpretations on both situations, and they all appeared to be rather negative.”

Chris Asks:

“I have a question concerning what it means when transiting Uranus is conjunct the Ascendant, transiting Neptune is conjunct the Ascendant, and transiting Chiron is conjunct the Midheaven and the Moon. All of these things are, or about to be occurring to me.”

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Elaine Asks:

“I have a simple question (I believe). We’re in a Mars retrograde cycle now, along with Mercury retrograde. Could you tell me in layman’s words what a Mars retrograde means and how we should be aware of it? I basically know what Mars rules, that we should look to what house Mars is in. A simple explanation of Mars retrograde in transit would be appreciated.”

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Diane Asks:

“Can you explain the significance of a Jupiter Retrograde? I’m experiencing a Jupiter Return in Aquarius this year and the past two months have been phenomenal. Will the Jupiter Retrograde period this summer reverse my good fortune or just bring it back down to earth, so to speak?”

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Sara Asks:

“Regarding T-Squares, I have begun plotting transits to the point opposite my apex planet, which I call the ‘anchor point.’ But I’m still not sure how to interpret it. When Saturn transits my ‘anchor point’ does that mean that there will be [restrictions] on my Apex planet? Likewise, will Mars at my ‘anchor point’ cause my Apex planet to act more aggressively? Also, since my ‘anchor point’ is at 23 degrees of Aries, should I always add in an Aries flavor to my interpretation, so that Saturn on my ‘anchor point’ will cause restrictions to my Apex planet in an Aries sort of way?”

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