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Jay Asks:

“I’ve not paid much attention to progressed planets, but now that my progressed Sun is about to change signs into Aquarius, I’m wondering how this is most likely to show itself. And how should I read the Sun—as being in the 4th house (using Solar Fire where everything is progressed) or in my natal 6th house, where Aquarius is natally on the cusp?”

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Makarios Asks:

“When working with Secondary Progressions, do you use aspects between progressed and natal planets? And how big an orb should one use?”

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Debbie Asks:

“My progressed Moon has just moved over my Midheaven, which is in Cancer, and will move over Uranus in this house over the next few months. I am curious about the implications of this, particularly as my progressed Mars (4th house) is directly opposed Uranus.”

Katheryne Asks:

“I currently have progressed Mars at 18 degrees in my 4th house Capricorn, opposing my 10th House Uranus in Cancer. I have not been able to find out much information about Progressed Mars—how long will this influence last? Also by progression, it is conjunct my business partner’s 10th house Capricorn Sun. How would you interpret this?”

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Susan Asks:

“How does the way my inner life changes result in changes in my progressed chart? I can’t imagine the planets changing to accommodate me, but evidently, if my spiritual and/or emotional perspectives shift, the progressed chart changes accordingly. I don’t understand. I hope you can explain this.”

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Robert Asks

“What role do progressions play in astrological prediction? What system is the most reliable? Sepharial’s one day = one year? This question has come up for me over and over as I have tried to make some sense out of all of the “methods” out there. It particularly came up upon the death of Princess Diana. I noted the time and place of her accident and death and then related it back to her birth chart. What was so striking was the number of ‘unfortunate’ transiting aspects between the two charts! Yet, in looking for progressions in the birth chart, I could not find very much. Perhaps this I because I did not have her birth time.”

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Lauraine Asks:

“Transiting Pluto square Venus…what orb would you say made this transit ‘active’? Pluto travels from between 17 degrees and 22 degrees between October 2003 and April 2004. If a relationship were started during the 22 degrees phase would it then be affected by the return to 19 degrees later in the year?”

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F. Asks:

“I would like to know if having transiting Pluto in Sagittarius conjoining natal Mercury in the 11th house implies a head injury? I’m asking this because I suffered a blow to the head a few days ago and suffer a mild concussion.”

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Teeba Asks:

“In your response to Lea’s question about Chiron’s transits you said ‘I feel this is probably more of a symptom, however, as opposed to the actual nature of the transit.’ Chiron will square my Mars, Venus, and Sun, and will also be trine my natal Chiron. How is a square angle of Chiron to Mars, Venus and the Sun interpreted? Can I use the previous Chiron square to those planets to predict how this one is going to affect my chart? Will its effect last until the next square or only until this one is over?”

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Sherry Asks:

“I have transiting Saturn conjuncting natal Venus, which is on the Midheaven. It says there may be losses in finance. How long does such an aspect last?”

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Isabella Asks:

“I am starting to study astrology as a hobby, and I go to a site that enables you to see the aspects and major transits in your personal chart. I have two aspects that I am concerned with: Transiting Jupiter will conjunct my natal Uranus, and transiting Uranus will oppose my natal Pluto. I have read that these aspects will somehow completely alter my life as I presently know it. Do you agree that these aspects are that potent? Is there anything one can do to prepare for something like this or is it greatly exaggerated?”

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Celine Asks:

“I have Uranus at 26 degrees Libra, Venus at 26 degrees Aquarius, and Saturn at 28 degrees Gemini. When Uranus made a conjunction to my Venus, setting off my Grand Trine, I thought something big was going to happen, but nothing did. Saturn is about to set off my Grand Trine soon and enter my 7th house, so I’m wondering if something is going to happen then, or if nothing is going to happen again. And I thought that something always happens when an outer planet sets off a grand trine. This really puzzles me.”

Kevin Answers:


It’s not possible to “set off” a trine, “Grand” or otherwise. Trines are easy aspects and fall in the “soft” category. This means that they represent flowing energy. This also means that trines are not about taking action! In fact, trines are well understood to be the laziest aspects in all of astrology. The energy of a trine is always in effect. In the case of a Grand Trine, this is not always a good thing, particularly when the Grand Trine is associated with behavior patterns that we would like to change.

The transits you described, on their own, would certainly indicate shifts in your relationships, or at least in how you approach your relationships. Both Venus and the 7th house are very much involved in relationships. But if you expected some big event to coincide with the transit, that’s just not going to happen when you’re dealing with Trines.


Follow Up #1

Celine Asks:

“Sorry to bother you again, but all my astrology books say that when transiting Saturn makes a trine to natal Venus and transiting Uranus conjuncts natal Venus at the same time, something will happen. Are you saying that nothing happens when a transiting planet trines a natal planet? Now I’m more confused than ever!”

Kevin Answers:


I’m sorry to break this to you, but there are an awful lot of really bad astrology books out there. You simply can’t fit “trines” in the same sentence with “action” unless that sentence contains the phrase “have nothing at all to do with” in between. The “action” aspects are the 4th and 8th harmonic aspects. These are the so-called “hard” aspects, and when transiting planets make squares, semi-squares, and sesquiquadrates to our natal planets, that’s when we can expect to have things happen. The trines are the relaxing aspects. When you have transits forming trines to your natal planets, you get a break. The energy flows easily, and sometimes you can even find yourself on a lucky streak.

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