Martha Asks:

“In using the Halloran Astrology for Windows program, I have found a couple of indications that I am unsure of. I have only recently started to experiment with the Synastry program, and I have observed that the people that I get along with the best have a 1.22 to a 2.5 percent communications index. I have been told that the higher the better, but when I try this out on friends, relatives, etc. it appears that a high communications index does not signify any good relationship...but the exact opposite. I have also run the individual communications index and it states that mine is at 188, while all the people that I know and love have indexes more like 90–125. Could you please let me know how you would read these indications?”

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Tracey Asks:

“Kevin, I hope you can clear up some confusion I have about working with synastry. 1. My boyfriend’s Sun is conjunct my Moon in Sagittarius in the 12th House. What is the significance of our 12th House Conjunction? I have heard that this can indicate sickness, deceit, etc. 2. My Moon is the focal point of a T-square in my own chart with Saturn in Pisces (2nd house) and Mars, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the 8th house. What is the significance of his Sun sitting right on that T-Square? Is this a negative aspect? And are there positive ways to handle this aspect?”

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Amy Asks:

“I am wondering about the compatibility of the elements. The first information I ever heard about certain elements being compatible with other elements was that Fire and Water went together, and Earth and Air went together. I have since come to realize that the majority of Astrologers seem to think differently: that Water and Earth ‘go together’ and Fire and Air ‘go together.’ The thing that confuses me is this: I feel like when I’ve compared just the basic fundamental sign energy of the different elements (say, Virgo and Cancer), I’ve found many difficult differences, like sometimes the Earth element is far too practical and realistic to deal with the Water elements—I hope I’m not offensive here—whining and whimpering (as it may be interpreted from an Earth sign’s perspective). At the same time, signs like Taurus and Cancer, although the same Earth/Water differences apply, have several issues in common as well, like security issues and needs, so I can see that point, too. The biggest pull I’m feeling for putting Earth/Air together and Fire/Water together is the ‘thinkers’ vs. ‘feelers’ issue, which I’ve found to be fairly valid, especially when dealing with the Moon sign. So what is the story here? How is ‘element compatibility’ decided? Is it just a matter of numbers (sextiles vs. squares)? Or is it more philosophical as in the ‘thinkers’ vs. ‘feelers’ example?

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  • "Air is by far the fastest element, and Air signs rely on their ability to move quickly—at the speed of thought, in fact. Earth, on the other hand, doesn’t move at all, and is the slowest of all of the elemental energies. Air signs rarely have the patience to wait for Earth signs to catch up, and Ea...
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Brandy Asks:

“Do you have any charts on compatibility between the signs?”

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MDR Asks:

“I know that Saturn opposed to Venus is one of the worst aspects to have in regard to romantic relationships. I also know that many astrologers say that love is possible for people with this aspect, that love comes later, perhaps, or that the person may have to work harder, but that the person is capable of having a deep, enduring love. Do you think that this is true or do you think that it just gives false hope?”

Zander Asks:

“I have Saturn in Cancer in the 7th house and Capricorn rising. This combination has made me think that I may never find a long-term loving relationship as so many of them have failed—many without reason. As Venus is important in relationship issues and mine is in Pisces, am I astrologically doomed?”

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Zander Asks:

“I have Saturn in Cancer in the 7th house and am constantly reading that I am likely to be attracted to an older person, almost like a mother figure, or that I will learn authority-type lessons in my relationships. This could not be further from the truth. In most relationships, both on a romantic and platonic front, it is I who normally dictate the pace. I am too individualistic to let anyone get a hold. Could you explain this?”

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Stacy Asks:

“I have noticed that my best friends are Sagittarians. My Descendant is in Sagittarius. Is there a connection here? Also, in my experience with family, my mother is Aries, my Father is Sagittarius; my brothers are Cancer and Pisces, and I’m a Scorpio. We joke about the fire signs raising all water signs: I’ve never felt that they understood us, the way we think and the depth of our emotions. What about this family is unique in your opinion?”

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