Emma Asks:

“If someone’s Saturn falls in another person’s 7th house, say between a couple, would it be a problem in their relationship? Would the person whose 7th house has his/her partner’s Saturn in it feel unhappy, miserable, and restrained in this relationship? I pose this question because I read a book mentioning this placement brings no happiness but sorrow, and yet is difficult to get away from this relationship. What is your opinion?”

David Asks:

“I would like to ask about quincunxes when comparing in synastry. If the Suns quincunx each other, and also the Mars of both, or even if the Sun of one quincunxes the Mars of another, is this, due to the quincunxes, a proof of strong sexual attraction?

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Vaneesa Asks:

“I wonder if you could give me some idea on ‘synastry aspects’ versus ‘composite aspects.’ In a synastry comparison with my friend, we both have our Suns square to the other’s Moon, but when I drew the composite chart (midpoint), the Sun was conjunct the Moon. Is this common when comparing synastry to composite charts? How do you interpret these situations?”

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Holly Asks:

“I have wondered how to interpret the significance one person’s progressed planets in conjunction with another person’s [natal] chart. For example, my progressed Sun is coming into conjunction with my boyfriend’s ascendant, and transiting Uranus has conjoined both.”

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Amy Asks:

“My question has to do with the synastry aspects. I understand that if, say, person B had Saturn in person A’s 7th house, that person A would be the one to feel these effects mainly (seeing person B as a the responsible one, or wet blanket, etc.). However, what about aspects? Say you observe that there is a Mars-Saturn square [between the charts]. How do you interpret that? Is it dependent on whose Mars it is and whose Saturn it is? If it’s person A’s Mars and person B’s Saturn is it going to have a different effect than if it was person A’s Saturn and person B’s Mars?” 

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Simon Asks:

“What does it mean when your partner has a number of planets in your 4th house and conjunct the IC? I find this very confusing to understand.”

Moira Asks:

“My boyfriend’s Saturn is closely conjunct my IC. Could this mean that he will be controlling towards me somewhere down the line? Would you consider this a good or a bad aspect?”

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Alex Asks:

“I want to ask about mother-child chart compatibility, which is very rarely written about in literature. [Description of specific connections between charts]. These must indicate some sort of karmic bond, but I do not know how to interpret them or assess their significance, and I cannot find information on such comparisons anywhere.”

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John Asks:

“In synastry, does a Sun/Moon, Mars/Venus conjunction beat out a Sun trine Sun, Venus, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury by virtue of the fact that in the latter, the two people compared simply do not have the same emotional compatibility as the former couple, and that first and foremost, emotional compatibility is valued in marriage?”

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  • "The “soft” aspects are restful and comfortable; the “hard” aspects are stimulating and exciting. While there are no absolute guidelines for compatibility—I repeat: no absolute guidelines for compatibility—in general, we’re attracted to people with whom we have a nice mix of both “hard” and “soft” a...
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Matt Asks:

“I am looking at two charts that both have simliar T-Squares in the same signs and houses, though not in aspect with each other. The planets involved do overlap, though. [Each person has Moon square Mars in their chart.] How would one work a doubling of aspects like this into a chart comparison, especially in a romance situation? It seems important.”

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Fraukje Asks:

“I recently read about relationships, synastry, and more specifically, about karmic relationships—that certain aspects between the horoscopes of two people could mean that their relationships is karmic. I understood that the planet Saturn plays a role in this, but probably other things do as well. Could you give me your opinion on this subject, and maybe some more information?”

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Lea Asks:

“I’ve been wondering whether you used Chiron’s aspects in synastry chart analysis? I’ve seen to many tight Chironic aspects in synastry charts I’ve been inspecting lately (mostly comparisons that reflect very difficult relationships): A’s Chiron on B’s Ascendant, Fortuna or MC, etc. Would you have any experience with such synastry aspects or any comments about them?”

Morgan Asks:

“Where in my chart would I find the karmic link to my current partner and in the bigger picture, how my karmic lessons play out in my relationships?”

Ruth Asks:

“The Lunar eclipse on August 7 is exactly conjunct my partner’s prenatal eclipse point, as well as his Sun, Jupiter, Pluto, and North Node. Is the prenatal eclipse point significant in synastry? Is it unusual for partners to have house cusps that are conjunct? Our house cusps are the same.”

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