Charles Asks:

“Do planets in retrograde motion in a natal chart possibly mean that the person goes over and over the same ground or interests again and again?”

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Lea Asks:

“I have a few questions about Chiron, if I may.

1. How do you interpret Chiron’s position and aspects in a natal chart?

2. What, in your opinion, is the influence of Chiron as it transits the houses and makes aspects to the natal planets on its voyage around the zodiac?

3. What is the significance of Chiron’s return to its natal position?

4. How would you interpret Chiron’s transits to the Vertex?”

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Eleanor Asks:

“I’m trying to understand the significance of Saturn in Aries...of course my Saturn return is coming...for whatever reasons, I’m having a really difficult time with this.”

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Venus and Mars

Ana Asks:

“I have Venus in Taurus, and my last three love interests have had Mars in Taurus. Lucky me! My current beau and I have only the one Taurus placement each. In fact, we share many likes and dislikes associated with Taurus: soft clothing, strolling through natural settings, lots of food, wine, and (rather conventional) sensual joys….But I do wonder what separates the Taurus Mars from the Taurus Venus—other than his craftsmanship interests, I can’t really discern how our planetary placements effect us differently. Truthfully, astrology books could be much more explicit regarding the subtle differences in sign placements. Often the interpretations from the Ascendant to the Sun Through Mars are too similar to significantly distinguish one Taurean planetary placement from the next. And yet, there must be a difference!…And why are there not more books out there on the fine art of blending aspects and sign interpretations? Surely someone must have written a book on this topic?”

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