Noony Asks:

“How should one interpret a planet that lies exactly on a house cusp line?”

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Marcy Asks:

“When a planet is placed within 2 to 3 degrees of the ‘next’ house cusp, can this planet function in the next house as opposed to the house in which it is ‘technically’ placed? For example, Jupiter at 25 Gemini, and the 9th house cusp at 27 Gemini. My feeling on this is that Jupiter will want to operate in the 9th house because of its affinity to 9th house affairs”

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Roanne Asks:

“I have a lot of planets in my 11th House. What is the significance of this? How do I interpret planet in the 11th house?”

Kelley Asks:

“I have a powerful number of planets in my 4th house. Can you tell me how this energy might be directed in a positive manner?”

Ana Asks:

I have Mercury and Pluto in my 4th house. Is it true that this means a deep change of mind and conscience during the last life years, or is there a different meaning?”

Helena Asks:

“In my chart, I notice that there are three planets split between two houses (Venus in 1/2, Mercury in 5/6 and Pluto in 6/7). Does this mean that I will pick up influences from both houses? I can’t find a book that talks about this.”

Tamara Asks:

“I don’t know how to decipher my own chart (I had it done) and I have had others send me explanations of it which did not help me with my urgent question. It’s urgent because I have no planets AT ALL in my houses of marriage and finance and I have been quite freaked that this dooms me to have a single and poor life forever. Please tell me if this is the case when certain houses are empty of planets.”

Angela Asks:

“If there are no planets in the 7th house of relationships, what does this mean?”

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DD Asks:

“I encounter this rather often: suppose a person has Scorpio rising, but also has Jupiter in Sagittarius also in the First House. Of course, Sagittarius will be the sign on the 2nd House cusp. How will Jupiter manifest itself then in the Ascendant? Is this what an “intercepted planet” is?

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Elaine Asks:

“Have you ever heard of the ‘fated,’ ‘karmic,’ ‘destiny 29’ of a planet? My mother has Mercury at 29° Cancer, and my husband has Venus at 29°Libra. Also, when one has intercepted signs in their chart, how do you interpret these?”

Mona Asks:

“How do you interpret intercepted signs...or don’t you?”

Reet Asks:

“My problem is how to interpret a lunar node in an intercepted house?”

M.R. Asks:

“Could you please explain how intercepted houses, signs and planets function and what they represent in the chart?”

Zita Asks:

“How do you interpret intercepted houses, and what are their importance?”

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Caitlin Asks:

“Many books say that if you have a certain Ascendant, then you will have a certain IC and MC, and that certain planets will fall on the cusps of other houses. My Ascendant is in Sagittarius, but my MC is in Libra (normally [associated] with Capricorn rising). I only have three planets in the ‘typical’ houses for Sagittarius rising and the rest are in the ‘typical’ houses for Capricorn rising. Does this mean I show traits of both rising signs?”

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Tracy Asks:

“Although you have stated your position on sign cusps, I wanted to ask a related question. I’m just beginning to do folk’s charts, and use Tracy Marks’ book on interpretation extensively. She says ‘if a planet is between 29 degrees of one sign and 0 degrees of the next sign, it is under the influence of both.’ Are you saying that this is not the case? And if you disagree with Marks, how can astrologers be so divided on such a fundamental point?”

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Alesandra Asks:

“I have had my chart calculated in both the Meridian calculation method (House system) as well as the Koch (Houses). Meridian puts Mercury in the 5th House and Venus in the 3rd, Koch puts them behind one: Mercury in the 4th, Venus in the 2nd! Which method is best for chart calculation? Please help — all of these different methods are confusing.”

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Suzanne Asks:

“Very little is written about having a planet at 0° Aries or 0° of any sign. Would you comment on that please?”

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Lynn Asks:

“I was wondering if you could explain ‘out of bounds’ planets in the natal chart. Everything I have read says they should not be ignored, but no one explains why.”

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Recent comments

  • I always check OOB's since its easy (comes up in pink under declinations on the reports button on Solar Fire) and it is often another key. I have my Moon OOB's and my intuition and emotions teach me a lot about people on first meeting - things that others don't see. Have a look at that amazing 'nu...
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Stephanie Asks:

“Saturn is retrograde, 148 degrees from the Sun in a natal chart. Is Saturn still moving slowly? If so, does this mean the person will have trouble “coming of age” astrologically around the age of 29–30?”

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Trond Asks:

“I have Pluto stationed in the twelfth house within 2 degrees of my Libra Ascendant. It is the only stationary planet in my chart and it is stationed to go retrograde. Can you give me and your readers a clue on how to interpret stationary planets in the natal chart? How do they work? Is it of any significance that Pluto is stationed to go retrograde as opposed to if it was stationed to go direct? How does this affect my Ascendant?”

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Recent comments

  • In my natal chart, I have Saturn in Scorpio stationary in the 4th house of Scorpio next to Pluto in Scorpio in the 3rd house of Libra where my South node of Scorpio lies. Since the direct placement is potent, and also is conjunct my South Node and Pluto placement, how can this be transcended, or can...
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