Luly Writes:

“Can you tell me the significance of Mars (in Libra) in the 8th house? The interpretations I have found of Mars in the 8th are quite alarming, and worse when making squares to Saturn and Jupiter. Would the fact that Mars is in Libra ‘soften” these aspects?”

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Shannon Asks:

“My Gemini Ascendant is in opposition with my Sun by 8 degrees. I’ve read that the Ascendant is who we are and that we give away our 7th house. With my Descendant and my Sun the same, what kind of impact will this have on my personality?”

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Sally Asks:

“I’ve become very interested in the houses and I’d be grateful if you could shed some light on a difficulty I’m having interpreting my 7th house. My problem is as follows: I have no planets in my 7th house, but the sign on the cusp is Aires. Apparently, I should then look to the placement of Mars in the rest of the houses to shed more light on interpreting this. My dilemma is that my Mars in Scorpio is in my first house (my Ascendant is in Libra), so I really am unsure as to how this relates to the 7th house. I have read that if the ruler of the 7th house was in the 6th house, for example, then I could meet a partner at work, or if it was in the 11th house, I could meet someone through friends. These are just rough examples, I appreciate, but I still don’t know how to link up my 7th house with my 1st!”

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Maia Writes:

“I think you might know the answer to this question which has become a big debate on one of the astrology message boards. I asked what indicators in a chart show when someone will marry for a second or third time. Joseph Polansky’s book on horoscopes for year 2000 mentions the 11th house for third marriages. We learned from a poster that you count 3 houses for each marriage starting of course with 7th (2nd marriage being the 9th). Then also that [the] placement of the duality signs are also indicators. Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini. Someone also added that Capricorn was a duality being fish/goat. It’s questionable whether that applies to multiple marriages though.”

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Lee Asks:

“Does the natal chart portray how many children a woman might have? Is the 5th house the ‘house of the 1st child,’ and if so, which house would give insight into additional children? I’ve read that the 7th or 9th house is the house of the second child.”

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Zoya Asks:

“What are the implications of the IC in a natal chart? I have Neptune in Scorpio sitting on my IC. What does this mean and could this have anything to do with why I’m always surrounded by people with Scorpio Moons?”

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Shelley Asks:

“I really enjoy your web page and like your interpretations on astrology. My questions are: What does it mean to have Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter all in the Fourth House in Aquarius? I have yet to find a definitive answer in any book about the Fourth House. I heard that having Saturn in the 4th House indicated that the latter part of my life will be saturated with many problems that I could do nothing about. Is that true?!”

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Janet Writes:

“Where on the chart would it show a sibling who died soon before I was born? Would it be in the Fourth House or the Eighth?”

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Shannon Asks:

“My ascendant is 25 degrees Gemini, so most of my first house falls in Cancer. Is this a ‘weak’ ascendant? How does this affect a person’s personality?”

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Carlos Asks:

“I would like to know about how a planet can modify our body when it is conjunct with the Ascendant or First house. Does Neptune in conjunction with the Ascendant cause alternations in the body systems? What about Mars, Venus, Mercury (big hands?), and the other planets? How do they alter our physiques?”

Toni Asks:

“I’ve been studying astrology over the last year, and the precision of the interpretations amazes me. But there’s one thing that always got me thinking, about my physical traits. I do not have the physical traits of my Ascendant (Capricorn), but when I read the physical description of the sign that comes before my Ascendant (Sagittarius), by William Lilly I say: ‘man that’s me!!’ My skin is very white, and both of my parents are darker than me, that’s unusual in a Capricorn rising, right? I found out that when I use other house systems, my first house begins in Sagittarius.”

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Robert Asks:

“How does having Neptune conjunct my Ascendant with an orb of 2 degrees affect the ascendant?”

Ryan Asks:

“What is the significance of having Pluto conjunct the Ascendant in the 1st House?”

Jelena Asks:

“How do I interpret the Nodes when in conjunction with the Ascendant/Descendant axis? The North Node is conjunct the Descendant, and the South Node is conjunct the Ascendant.”

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